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Ozonation in Organic Chemistry V2: Nonolefinic Compounds

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Ozonation in Organic Chemistry V2: Nonolefinic Compounds

Note : 5 sur 5 étoiles5/5 (1 évaluation)
Longueur: 457 pages


Ozonation in Organic Chemistry, Volume II: Nonolefinic Compounds discusses the reactions of ozone with organic compounds. The book presents the role of ozone in air pollution. It demonstrates the use of ozonation in wastewater purification, effects of ozone on biological systems, and degradation of rubber.

The text describes the ozonation of acetylenic compounds, benzene, and substituted benzenes. It discusses the bond attack on benz-fused carbocyclics. Another topic of interest is the mechanism of ozonation of anthracene. The section that follows describes the electrophilic ozone attack on nitrogen.

The book will provide valuable insights for chemists, environmentalists, students, and researchers in the field of organic chemistry.
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