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Electronic Devices and Circuits: The Commonwealth and International Library: Electrical Engineering Division, Volume 1

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286 pages


Electronic Devices and Circuits, Volume 1 deals with the design and applications of electronic devices and circuits such as passive components, diodes, triodes and transistors, rectification and power supplies, amplifying circuits, electronic instruments, and oscillators. These topics are supported with introductory network theory and physics.
This volume is comprised of nine chapters and begins by explaining the operation of resistive, inductive, and capacitive elements in direct and alternating current circuits. The theory for some of the expressions quoted in later chapters is presented. The discussion then turns to the construction and limitations of passive components used in electronic circuits; the relation of charged particles to an atomic structure of elements and their movement under the action of electric and magnetic fields; and the characteristics and construction of some of the diodes in common use. The next chapter considers vacuum and gas-filled triodes in parallel with their newer semiconductor counterparts, the transistor and the silicon controlled rectifier. The use of two and three element devices in rectifying circuits is also described, along with amplifiers and oscillators. The text concludes with an evaluation of some of the electronic instruments in general use.
This book is written for aspiring professional and technician engineers in the electronics industry.

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