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Introduction to Clinical Oncology

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Introduction to Clinical Oncology

Longueur: 319 pages


9780121978020 Cancer and Chemotherapy, Volume II: Introduction to Clinical Oncology provides the basic framework for understanding antineoplastic drugs. The use of chemotherapeutics in the treatment of the most common human malignancies, including leukemias and lymphomas, is discussed. Solid tumors such as those affecting the breast and lung, head and neck, brain and spinal cord are also considered.

Comprised of 17 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of leukemias and lymphomas, including their incidence, pathology, and clinical features. The discussion then turns to solid tumors such as breast and lung carcinoma; head and neck cancers; cancer of the brain and spinal cord; gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and gynecological cancers; and malignant melanoma. The next section is devoted to nutritional and infectious disease aspects of cancer and examines infections that arise in the cancer patient, particularly pneumonia and septicemia. The diagnosis of and therapy for these infections are outlined, along with granulocyte transfusion and prophylaxis of infection. The final chapter deals with nutrition in cancer patients and describes the link between cancer and malnutrition as well as the mechanisms of cancer-associated malnutrition. The advantages and methods of nutritional support for cancer patients are also highlighted.

This book should be a valuable resource for oncologists.
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