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Your Training Notebook On Pop Music Special Chord Progressions

Notes :
Longueur : 134 pages44 minutes


★ Carefully Selected Songs, Understand The Uniqueness !!

Well-chosen 7 classic domestic and international pop music songs with unique chord progressions 

★ Viewing From Pop Music Aspects, Easy To Learn And Use !!

Complete sum-ups of harmony techniques in pop music applications and convenient to look-up upon compositions and arrangements. 

★ Demonstrate Operation Flows, Clear At A Glance !!

Step by step demonstrations from easy to complicated chord rearrangements, hands-on learning on harmony techniques.

This book uses classic pop songs domestically and internationally with more characteristics in chord progressions as references, and show you how the harmony techniques were well-used in these songs, and make them become unique. 

Readers who love music performing, song arranging as well as composing are able to expand depths and longitudes in music on themselves through the understanding of chord progressions.

In the last chapter of this book also teaches you how these harmony techniques can be used in songs step by step, and make you can apply them to your songs or rearrangements easily.

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