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Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3

Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3

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Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3

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Oct 4, 2015


Exercise and nutrition are integrally involved in the process of establishing health and optimal living. Fitness Industry marketing however often confuses us as to how we can go about the best strategy that would suit our individual needs. Bespoke training should educate us as to how we can optimize our life balance alongside maximizing our fitness goals, which is why Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3 (ARP3) was designed to give invested experience and knowledge to the consumer at a very accessible price. ARP3 provides you with over 3 progressions of programming ranging in the focus of fat loss to muscle building to general strength, not only do we provide you with an exercise library that spans any goal or intent, but we go that extra step further and educate you along the process as to why and how you need to implement the various strategies to fully optimize your results and time in the gym. Nutrition will fuel your efforts to be either successful or completely wasted; thus, ARP3 has taken the responsibility to not only provide you with a multitude of different dietary strategies, but also educate you as to the reasoning why certain diets are more effective than others in a given scenario.

Responsibility broken down implies that we need to have the ability to respond to any stimulus thrown at us, being positive or negative. Thus, ARP3 is the complete guide to those looking to make a change to their physicality and mental well-being through not simple application but total understanding of why we embrace certain training routines or dietary strategies.

Oct 4, 2015

À propos de l'auteur

Having worked in the fitness industry for the last 15 years I have seen many trends come and go and along the way been witness to people changing their lives and making real changes. As with any process there are going to be pros and cons which is why I decided to take my years of knowledge and real time experience to produce a facility to encompasses realistic results based training and dietary awareness. You are the my main focus and as such I want to empower you toward a new improved version of yourself. Fe Fitness encompasses science and grit which both are needed to attain real results. Empty words are not in my vocabulary which is why the slogan ‘forge your status’ was drawn up to define what experience you may have in joining our movement. Its not going to be easy its not always going to be fun but believe you me once you have forged your new status you would have wield a sword in yourself that can cut through life’s obstacles that may otherwise have brought you to your knees. I back up my ideas by having not only have participated in numerous transformations over the years but also by continually striving to educate myself into the latest trends and scientific findings that may bring you better results. Below are some of the qualifications I have attained over the years. Qualifications National diploma in exercise science ITEC level 5 Nutritional science BTEC level 5 sports and exercise therapy ISSA certified in the following: Sports performance nutrition Exercise therapy Sports specific performance Fitness Nutrition Poliquin Certified in the following: PICP 1 PICP 2 PICP 3 Biosignature Modulation RTS 123 certified NKT level 1 Douglas Hill Be Activated lvl 1 Kaatsu Training specialist

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  • Using a lower caloric exposure on certain days to maximize fat loss would be a far better tool for fat loss; this is called semi-fasting.

  • Including vegetables in your diet will provide you with essential nutrients and digestive enzymes that will aid to reduce inflammation, as well as assist your digestion of proteins. To truly enjoy your protein, you need to eat your veg- gies!

  • When you are exposed to greater amounts of metabolic damage, you should opt to increase protein consumption to 1.4 to 2.0 grams of protein per kg of body mass.

  • The minimal requirement for protein is 50 grams per day. However, 1.4-2.0 grams per kg of body weight has shown to be more beneficial in optimization of health.

  • Balance or imbalance of fatty acid consumption will also lead to hor- monal sensitivity or production issues. So be sure to balance your intake of fats.

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Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3 - Justin Maguire


When it comes to regaining self-control over what we eat – and subsequently how we feel – the most common initial obstacle newcomers worry about is commitment and dedication.

Although transformation protocols have created a suitable platform for this, often they advocate a program that requires 12 weeks of dedication, and after the first gut-wrenching 3 weeks, another 9 can seem like an impossible task. One that simply takes up far too much time and sacrifice.

This perception of required effort can actually be modified very easily by a design of structured program that is geared towards specific short-term goals.

Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3 (or ARP3) has been created to give multiple short-term achievable objectives, which are designed to allow people the capability to fully commit, ensuring that they actually reach their long-term goals. With the finish line always looking closer, it is so much easier to keep going.

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a good example of successful exercise adherence, which works within a similar methodology. Since the introduction of HIIT, more and more people have been able to increase their cardiovascular health. This, I feel, is due to three main reasons:

1. Greater metabolic shift or homeostatic changes due to dramatic short exposure of high oxygen turnover.

2. The psychological aspect. When people know that they only need to move a short distance they generally will increase the amount of work they produce in that distance; therefore, the idea of pacing oneself becomes of little concern as the end is near. So in the end, you work harder!

3. Sustainability. Due to the effectiveness of psychological accomplishment and goal accomplishment, one is more likely going to sustain the frequency of training required to attain a result.

Thus, ARP3 was designed with this in mind, to provide short-term attainable objectives along with brief periods of nutritional adherence. Providing the consumer with varied diets, training programming and psychological enforcement to give them everything they need to have the confidence to get started.

ARP3 takes into consideration four major causative factors that result in fat mass gain, these factors and the subsequent symptoms are dealt with via our nutritional, training and supplementation strategies:

1. Malnourishment

2. Lack of lean muscle mass

3. Poor aerobic capacity

4. Lack of proprioceptive awareness

These areas will be examined and dealt with in the following chapters of this book, so read on to discover all of the tools you’ll need to change your life for the better.

In order to fully understand ARP3 – to then go on to implement it in your life – this book contains introductory chapters, which will highlight all of the fundamental information that you need to know.

This book will guide you in training and nutrition and will help you to devise your own manageable strategy to ensure this plan is right for you.

Chapter One – Four Major Causative Factors of ARP3 Design


Malnutrition is a growing problem in today’s society. Western diet has an ever-increasing volume of food that is of low nutritional value, which in turn has resulted in a higher number of health problems, including obesity.

Since 1960, the rate of obesity has increased by 20% in the US (data is from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). This coincides with the increased production of crop yields. The production quantity quickly went from 824 million tons of grain to 2,213 million tons in the same time period (U.S. Department of Agriculture), despite the populous only growing by an approximate 170 percent. The ratio leads to a 170 percent increase of need compared to a 260 percent increase of consumption. It’s likely that the increase of consumption could be associated with society’s growing misconception of its state of nutrient health.

It is also important to note the psychiatric disorders that are on the rise – and also linked to diet and the quality of food that we are consuming. These include everything from dementia to ADHD. Incidence of learning disorders is growing in developed countries, over the last 10 years the rate of ADHD and ADD child patients has risen by 24%. Therefore, it can safely be assumed that we are simply not getting the correct amount of nutrients to sustain optimal health or development of the body or the brain.

This problem is, in part, due to the pressure being placed on the farming industry. Antibiotics and pesticides are regularly being used to prevent food from perishing before it’s sold. With these increased production needs, there is also a notable decreased in the replenishment time allowed for soil and an increased hoarding of animals. This all gives rise to lower nutritional value and exposure to harmful bacteria.

This problem is, in part, due to the pressure being placed on the farming industry. Antibiotics and pesticides are regularly being used to prevent food from perishing too soon. With these increased production needs, there is also a notable decreased in the replenishment time allowed for soil and an increased hoarding of animals. This all gives rise to lower nutritional value and exposure to harmful bacteria.

Appetite regulator hormones are governed by the body’s state of health relating to blood sugar management and available nutrients to aid the output of neurotransmitters and regulatory processes of the body (detoxification, assimilation, transamination, etc…). When the body is in a state of nutrient depletion the brain will increase the drive for hunger thereby increasing the intake of calories, which may not have been essential had they contained the essential nutrient available profile required for digestion and subsequent nutrient assimilation.

All of this clearly explains why we have an issue with malnutrition, but what we need to know – and what this book will help you with – is what we can do about it.

Lean Muscle Mass

Muscle is by far the most metabolically active tissue in the body and thus, largely contributes to our available capacity for output. When little muscle mass is noted, the body’s thermic

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