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How Not To Die While Enjoying your Motorcycle

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How Not To Die While Enjoying your Motorcycle

Note : 4 sur 5 étoiles4/5 (1 évaluation)
Longueur: 41 pages31 minutes


This easy-to-read, at times quite funny 9,000-word guide to street motorcycle riding is great for newbie riders, for old hands coming back to riding after a long hiatus, and also for all those nervous friends and relatives all of us bikers seem to have. From reading this book, some of the latter might even "get" that one can ride a motorcycle ("moto") like its a thoughtful, if exhilarating Zen Exercise, whereby we become more conscious, integrated and awake all at once.

This book captures the essence of THOUGHTFUL and aware street riding – presented in 15 short, topical chapters, each chock full of everything that we SHOULD have programmed into our brains every time we go out for a rapturous, glorious (and ALSO, safe) ride. Its author (68 years young) has ridden for nearly 40 years, the last ten in maximized, self-aware safety – since he "went back to school" in various ways to learn all there is to know about fun AND deeply awake riding. This book captures that many-year quest and all the key points he's learned, in one short read. Happy biking!

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