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Shoulder to Shoulder: Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil

Shoulder to Shoulder: Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil

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Shoulder to Shoulder: Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil

132 pages
25 minutes
Nov 1, 2015


With a comb in his pocket, his glamorous blonde wife by his side, and an unyielding will backed by blazing speed, Jacques Anquetil became cycling's leading ambassador as the sport left behind the post-war era of Fausto Coppi to embrace the promise of the freewheeling sixties.

Shoulder to Shoulder ushers us into the zenith of Anquetil's career with a fully restored collection of rare and valuable photographs. With the methodical son of Normandy in the lead, cycling's professional peloton races through Europe's capital cities and up its mountainous pathways, laying a path to a cosmopolitan era of unlimited possibilities.

Presenting more than 100 brilliant images—most unseen since their original publication in the magazines and newspapers of the day—Shoulder to Shoulder showcases the rise of a generation of cycling superstars whose gutsy riding and easy style founded the modern era of professional bike racing. Great names in these pages include Rik van Looy, Tom Simpson, Raymond Poulidor, Jan Janssen, Miguel Poblet, Rudi Altig, Federico Bahamontes, Jean Stablinski, Gastone Nencini, Jean Graczyk, and many more.

With an appendix of explanatory notes for each photo, a sewn, lay-flat binding, and premium acid-free paper, Shoulder to Shoulder will be an enduring addition to every cycling enthusiast's library.

Nov 1, 2015

À propos de l'auteur

The Horton Collection is one of the world’s finest collections of cycling memorabilia. Over the course of twenty-five years Shelly and Brett Horton have amassed an unprecedented 15,000 objects and 170,000 original vintage photographs. Their passion for the sport and its legacy have led them to the world’s greatest races, and many of the sport’s living legends have entrusted their own treasures to the care of The Horton Collection. The Hortons live in San Francisco, California.

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Shoulder to Shoulder - The Horton Collection


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Photo retouching by Elizabeth Riley

v. 3.1

On the cover: Jacques Anquetil and Rick van Looy, 1963 Tour of Sardinia

Anquetil and Van Looy share a light moment during stage 3

A note to readers: Double-tap on photographs to enlarge them. After art is selected, you may expand or pinch your fingers to zoom in and out.

Images referenced in the Notes section are linked to the corresponding photographs. Click on the highlighted phrases to view the images.

For Trevor


It is in some ways ironic that throughout most of the hip, happening, swinging ’60s, cycling’s most public and accomplished face was that of Jacques Anquetil, a cerebral, calculating, and distant Frenchman. Born in Normandy, France’s northern bulwark against the English, Anquetil developed a shrewd eye for profit as he worked on his family’s strawberry farm, and although he was frequently painted as a bon vivant later in his career—a man who would call for roast pheasant and another glass of champagne the night before a critical stage in the Tour de France—he never strayed far from his farming roots in the way he would coolly survey the landscape before a race and create his tactical plan on how—or even whether—to win it. He was hardly the portrait of a carefree, pop-a-pill-and-let-the-good-times-roll ’60s archetype.

But in the same way that the Beatles could never have defined the music and mores of the ’50s (the Rolling Stones are another matter), Anquetil was the essential figure to bring cycling out of the Fausto Coppi era. Without Anquetil’s style and success, his candor in interviews, and his exotic looks in every photo, cycling would have spent another decade on the grimy black-and-white back pages of local newspapers rather than erupting onto the four-color covers of national magazines. Indeed, we all would have had to await the arrival of Eddy Merckx,

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