The Manifestation Matrix: Amazing Manifestation Strategies, #2

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The Manifestation Matrix: Amazing Manifestation Strategies, #2

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Jumpstart Your Manifestation Power - When Asking and Believing Are Not Enough . . .

Many books about manifestation instruct you to "just ask" the Universe for what you want and to "believe" you will receive it. And when that fails to deliver, of course you feel frustrated and wonder what went wrong. In The Manifestation Matrix, you do not ask the Universe for what you want. Instead, you declare it, assert it, command it.

Attract abundance, manifest a dream job, enjoy better health, or meet that someone special with this easy though powerful manifestation system.

From bestselling self-help author and teacher, Forbes Robbins Blair, comes this mind-blowing second volume in the series. If you liked his book The Manifestation Manifesto, you are going to love The Manifestation Matrix. With its nine easy steps, you will learn to manifest with confidence and authority.

Based on decades of study and experimentation, this book includes over 17 techniques to put them into the system to work right away.

Here Are Some of the Fascinating Things You'll Discover:

- Why asking the Universe often backfires on you, and an effective alternative

- Ways to recognize your manifestation power with symbols and affirmations

- How believing you have manifestation "blocks" can ruin your success

- What room in your home contains Vital Energy you can best use to manifest

- An easy way to stimulate your heart chakra - to improve the quality of what you manifest

 -How to raise your vibration with YouTube

- A legal substance to help you manifest with greater clarity and focus

- Why "want" is a powerful word to attract what you desire

- A mysterious, symbolic "pictogram" that activates your manifestation powers as you look at it

- Learn about the "anabolic manifestation effect"

- 3 levels of your mind and their roles in manifestation

- Why speaking out loud attracts your desire
- 4 ways to focus your intention to manifest successfully

- How drawing doodles can be used to attract your desire

- 2 magic words that put you in an energetic receiving state

- And so much more!

Put this Manifestation System to Work Fast!

You can plug virtually any realistic desire into The Manifestation Matrix to set the miraculous powers of your mind into motion. The best part is you will be able to put this system to work for you in less than an hour.

Within days you can manifest wealth, romance, success, new friends, a successful career - or anything you desire.

Stop pleading with the Universe to help you. Take control. Put these 9 steps into practice and start manifesting the life you want and deserve.

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