Back 9 Strength The Ultimate Golf Fitness Rolodex

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Back 9 Strength The Ultimate Golf Fitness Rolodex

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Longueur: 85 pages


Here's just a small glimpse of what you'll find in this Comprehensive Resource:
One simple trick that will transform a regular pushup into a killer ab exercise for golf - and it's not what you think!
A quick 2 minute exercise that you can do ANYWHERE, any time to help alleviate back pain
An Advanced Exercise guaranteed to improve your swing - you won't find this exercise in any book or magazine
The most effective ab exercises specifically designed for golf. I leave out the B.S. and give you the most effective exercises I've found for golf
Over 200 Photos of golf specific exercises that you SHOULD be doing - If it's not in this Rolodex, you don't need it
How to put together an effective program using the exact exercises provided - and how to make sure you're not spinning your wheels, EVEN if you've never been on a fitness program before!
Step-by-step detailed descriptions explaining each exercise, how to do it, and precautions you should take
Exercises you can do in your home, office, or even your yard using very minimal equipment
Transform your body and improve your game. Back9StrengthTM is the ultimate easy to follow golf conditioning exercise manual using the most unique training methods available so you can drive farther, play more consistently and gain the competitive edge you need.

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