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Aquaponics: How to Do Everything from Backyard Setup to Profitable Business

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The author has invested years in aquaponics research, has owned & operated a commercial nursery for the past decade, is a professional licensed engineer, served as Construction Manager of the Oklahoma Aquarium, served as the Engineering Manager of the nation’s largest aquaculture caviar producing operation, and currently serves as an aquaponics consultant. He has helped many others develop successful aquaponic operations of all sizes, and has now prepared this wonderful resource for the do-it-yourselfer and for those that may not be able to afford a professional aquaponics consultant. This book (how-to-guide) consists of three very important sections: (1) Everything You Need to Know About Aquaponics, (2) How to Set up & Operate an Aquaponic System, (3) How to Operate a Successful Commercial Aquaponics Business. You will be provided everything you need to know, in an easy to follow approach.

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