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How to become bikebarista

How to become bikebarista

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How to become bikebarista

76 pages
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Oct 12, 2011


How to become bikebarista and start with your own bikecoffeecar

The BIKECOFFEECAR is a new cheap and ECO friendly way to sell coffee. On offer is espresso, latte, cappuccino, ect. With a BIKECOFFEECAR you look for customers. You go to the customer, instead of the customer coming to you. More and more you see BIKECOFFEECARS at places where people are on the move. At fetes, fairs, marketplaces, building sites, shopping centers, events, sports grounds, parking lots. On the way to train stations, metro and transfer links.

Coffee, it's tasty, quick and easy to carry in a handy portable cup.
Oct 12, 2011

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How to become bikebarista - Quinquinet

© Quinquinnet. All rights reserved

How to become bikebarista

and start your own bikecoffecar

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Roder Publications

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3111 NH, Schiedam



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ISBN/EAN: 978-90-813274-0-4 (70 pages)

NUR-code: 808

Translation: Susan Dobson

Coverdesign: Quinquinet

Page design and production: Quinquinet

About the author


Jean Claude Quinquinet (1950),

entrepreneur, consultant and author of short stories.

He gives workshops and coaches starting enterprises.

Quinquinets work over marketing is used as a guide

for people beginning a business

and self-employed persons.


Mobile Fastfood Catering

Wash and Homekeeping Service

Dog Walking Service

Mobile Pastaria

How to become Bikebarista


Who does not know it?

Coffee sales is one of the most highest profit making areas within the food industry. Coffee sales keep on rising.

The big coffee companies advertise on television in order to stimulate the demands of the customer. This is actual y free advertisement for everyone who is selling coffee.

The number of coffee and tea shops is growing, see the link for statistics for

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