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Peter, Enchantment and Stardust: The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, #2)

Peter, Enchantment and Stardust: The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, #2)

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Peter, Enchantment and Stardust: The Poems (Peter: A Darkened Fairytale, #2)

81 pages
26 minutes
Jan 14, 2016


Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is a delightful collection of strange and mystical poems inspired by the children’s book Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. 

The author has created a variety of magical poems revealing new secrets of the hidden worlds from the first novel. Enchantment gives an insight of the some of the delights readers will be able to find in the forthcoming story in Peter’s adventures. For the light of heart, Stardust will make dreams come true.

As always, there is the expected beauty of light and an unreasonable fear of the dark. Although, one could ask, should one really be afraid of the dark? 

However, for now, enjoy the mysteries and wonder of the light in Peter, Enchantment and Stardust but do be careful of things that may be hidden. 

Until we next meet… count your wishes!

Jan 14, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Living in a small village in Lancashire, England, the author has written a number of books based on the tale 'Peter'.In the 1990s, the author had twenty-one articles published, both nationally and internationally. After gaining an honours degree in Geosciences, doing post-graduate study in Occupational Health and Fitness, and earning a masters degree in Science Communication, he developed an interest for simple communication.A passion for writing again emerged, and combining various interests in fine art, museum exhibition display, biology, geology, poetry, and the mystical led to the story of Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. The author still retains a childlike vision of the world, which is conveyed throughout his books.♥

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Aperçu du livre

Peter, Enchantment and Stardust - William O'Brien



For Frank, my father and all the spirits that touch the veil

Also, to Joy – a true inspiration






I  Peter

II  Enchantment

III  Stardust




1  Drawers and Doors

2  Finding Fingle

3  Wandering Twondle

4  Shylong Woods

5  Frozen Magic

6  Kiylore

7  A Truth

8  Chantowald

9  Cauldron

10  The Fever




11  Cuthbert

12  Vanshendon

13  Brownies

14  Devil’s Wish

15  Rickety Lodge

16  Zombie Queen

17  Bisquenta

18  The Cashquar

19  Farigehr

20  Quengorn

21  Elves and Goblins

22  The Vaandorg Dragon

23  Wildflower Valley



24  Devic Magic

25  The Gift

26  Eternal

27  Floating By

28  Twizzlebumps

29  Chanted Spell

30  Water Wave

31  Bubble

32  Jizzlebugs

33  The Prancing Witch

34  Coloured Arcs

35  The Light (part 1)

36  Hide and Seek (The Light- part 2)




Swirling dreams

Dragons knew

Touching life to win

Deep inside many other worlds

Where should we begin?


Drawers and Doors


A drawer is a drawer and a door is a door

One way in and one way out

What... not sure? A time in space

Has now arrived for some readers passing by

And travelling through in a blip of time

Goes so quickly like this rhyme

The thoughts one thinks may not be real

And sometimes they will make you squeal

Biting, scratching, tastes hang true

Inside this book, you'll meet things new

Must be careful, for if you fall

These evildoers will seize all

Taking bodies of minds and prey

Trapped, entombed as darkness flays

If by chance, you are done

Chase the light, chosen one

Do you hear the ticking of the clock?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

Staring from those eyes so bright

View things given with new sight

For all that see, avoid the dark

A path is shown near the park

A secret there for all that be

Touch dimensions and open me!

Finding Fingle


Spies the brightest orb of light

An elf of beauty touched it twice

Playing with her petals blue

Raindrops falling fresh and new

Acorns strewn among the leaves

A spider's web holds its weave

Babies scattered along the threads

Caterpillars crawl into their beds

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