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Trading Triangles: How to trade and profit from triangle patterns right now!

Trading Triangles: How to trade and profit from triangle patterns right now!

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Trading Triangles: How to trade and profit from triangle patterns right now!

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Dec 5, 2012


In late 2012, the charts of USD/GBP, Gold, the FTSE, the DAX and the DOW are all exhibiting triangle patterns. Breakouts from these patterns are imminent, which presents an unprecedented trading opportunity for the technical analyst - if you know how to spot triangles and trade them.
In 'Trading Triangles' John Piper explains how and why triangles form, shows you how to spot a triangle on a price chart, and most importantly how to trade these patterns for profit.
There are potentially massive moves on the way in these markets. 'Trading Triangles' is your vital guide to keeping on top of these moves and putting yourself in place to profit.
Dec 5, 2012

À propos de l'auteur

John Piper es pastor de Bethlehem Baptist Church, en Mineápolis. Sus muchos libros incluyen: Cuando no deseo a Dios, No desperdicies tu vida, Lo que Jesús exige del mundo.

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Trading Triangles - John Piper

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First published in Great Britain in 2012

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About the Author

John has been trading markets since the mid ‘80s, mainly writing options but also trading futures, spread and binary betting. The highlights have been trading right through the ‘87 Crash (mainly selling put options – hence the lack of hair!), annual turnover exceeding £2m of option premiums on his personal account, managing money in excess of $1m, winning a TV trading contest, and generally spending far too much time glued to screens.

Whilst abusing himself in this way he also decided to help other traders and started The Technical Trader in 1989, which has become the leading trading newsletter in the UK. The newsletter filled a void, has helped many traders over the years and is now on the web.

Over the years John has developed a number of trading techniques; he summarises his approach as Psycho-Trading – meaning getting into the mind of the market.

John spends his time in the Sussex Hills but makes frequent trips to warmer climes with the Hash House Harriers – a club for those who like a drink but who have a running problem!

John runs a market service looking for the BIG calls. His business partner Mark Austin runs a shorter-term service on FTSE.

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If you would like to receive John’s free news sheet send a blank email to jptt@aweber.com.

The author welcomes feedback and can be contacted at john@john-piper.com; his website is www.johnpiper.info.


In 2012 everywhere in the markets were triangles. Great big triangles. On the US DOW, on the German DAX, on the UK FTSE Index, on gold, and USD/GBP.

This number of triangles is unprecedented and, rather usefully, the triangle is one of the easiest patterns to trade. Perhaps most importantly, on most of these markets we have yet to see breakouts. But they will come.

In fact this short book may prove highly valuable to you. Not only am I going to show you the triangles and explain why they form and what they are but I am going to show you how to trade them.

The main concept here is:

BIG triangles are liable to lead to BIG moves and if you get the trading right that = BIG Profits!

I’ll spare a long introduction and cut to the chase quickly here, as I am keen to get this book out into the market as soon as possible as it would be a great shame to miss these massive opportunities. However, first just a brief note on how this book came to be:

I was interviewed by Dominic Picarda of the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle on 16 October 2012 and, of course, I talked about these triangles. My publisher, Stephen Eckett, happened to watch the interview and suggested I write a book on the subject.

Voila, the book is here!

If you would like to see the interview, go here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHmPCZgDVis

You will also find a transcript of the interview in Appendix 1.

If you just want the audio, go here: www.johnpiper.info/domaudio.mp3

Finally, I want to say that I have written this book so you have all you need to trade these potentially massive moves but I have assumed you already have a basic knowledge of what trading is about.

If this is not the case then you may want to try out my BIG CALL trading service. The first month is charged at a 50% discount and you get a free copy of my bestselling book The Way To Trade.

Now it is time to get down to it.

The best of luck with trading the triangles and nailing those big gains!

All the best,

John Piper

P.S. I plan to update the triangles in this book as the price action develops. These updates will be free to readers and you can sign up by emailing triangles@aweber.com. Please note this is not a trading service and updates will follow key action.

Section One – What is a Triangle?

Technically a triangle is market action that is moving in a narrower and narrower range.

I cannot do better than illustrate this with a chart; I will use the triangle on £/$ which is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – triangle on £/$

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  • (4/5)
    Easy to understand, good overview on how to trade the triangle pattern
  • (5/5)
    I purchased 'The Way to Trade' from trading.johnpiper.info

    The part that helped me most was the chapter 2 on trading psychology. The 3 stages: “greed orientated,” “fear orientated,” and “risk orientated.” I have them on my computer when trading to keep me on the straight & narrow.
  • (5/5)

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    Triangle Trading is one of the best book to read regarding candlestick patterns. Some great traders I've known are very good at this skills, using triangle pattern breakout to make profit.

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