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MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students

MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students

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MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students

113 pages
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Jan 26, 2016


As a college student, master how to successfully navigate the U.S. banking system. The MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students gives you the steps to find a bank, manage your accounts, and tap into other facts you need to know about banking and money.

Written in a question and answer format, you can read the guidebook in one sitting, skip to topics of interest, or come back later for a refresher. Learn the ins and outs of managing your bank account including tips on using debit cards and saving on bank fees. With your banking knowledge, you can feel empowered to achieve your money lifestyle goals as a student into a career.

Jan 26, 2016

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Hi there! I appreciate you are taking a few minutes to get to know about me. I've enjoyed a fascinating journey of learning and experiences over the years. Let me share a little of my background with you.My corporate years were in banking and personal finance. I left the corporate world in 2014 to follow my passion for research, writing, and nature photography. In tandem with my personal life choices, I began writing within the health and wellness community to share the benefits of nature-based and natural approaches to living a happier and healthier lifestyle. In the near future, I will be publishing ebook editions of four of my recent books in health and wellness.Below is my formal profile for you to review. You can also visit ImageQuotesMMG.com to learn more about my work. I hope what I have learned can be valuable to you in YOUR learning journey.Melissa________________________I'm Melissa Newton, Founder and President of Millcreek Media Group, Inc. (MMG), an e-publishing and content media group. We're unique to the health and wellness content space. We publish nature-based digital content for health and wellness professionals to educate consumers on health topics. Our content library is niched to health and wellness brands, health practitioners, and entrepreneurs to build client/patient trust.My personal philosophy is to look to nature and natural approaches as a complementary source of healing, which science has given ample evidence. As such, I bring this philosophy to the products we publish. Our one-of-a-kind content library of images, videos, educational/self-help articles and books, can help you build a trust relationship in your market.I also provide ghostwriting to clients in this niche market. My specialty areas include self-help, stress management, caregiving, nature and health, and nutrition.ImageQuotesMMG.com WebsiteUse the work of a named artist whose niche is photographing nature. I developed ImageQuotesMMG to offer a budget-friendly option to access my portfolio of digital download products. They can be used for social media, content creation projects, PowerPoint presentations, and gifts to employees, clients, and patients.Subscription: Photos, inspirational quotes. Single-sized, royalty-free, brand-free images.Purchase Digital Nature Videos: Choose from different video collections. Each bundle has several videos; some include FREE images and/or educational articles. License allows businesses to (1) play videos in office and healthcare spaces in one location, and/or (2) give to an unlimited amount of people (employees, clients, patients, conference attendees) as a gift.Commissioned Nature Videos: I work with clients to produce one-of-a-kind nature videos. These are customized productions by location, theme, music, and subject matter to incorporate into your public and office space design.Ghostwriting - Varied Book TypesAre you ready to share your expertise? As a seasoned researcher, writer, and author of 14 books, I also collaborate with clients who want to share their solutions for a better health lifestyle. As a ghostwriter, I specialize in interview-based, nonfiction book writing projects. My niche is self-publishing book types: PDF downloads, ebooks, booklets, white papers, Print-on-Demand, client blogs curated into books. We can also help you self-publish your books.Consulting - Nature Videos in Office/Public Space DesignLooking to make the complementary healing of nature part of your office, practice, or public space design? You can work with the artist - me - to blend the perfect nature or educational videos into reception, work spaces, atriums, and relaxation or serenity rooms in healthcare spaces.Current Book Project"Tips for Nature-based Healthy Living: Ideas from Chicago area experts to help families lead a healthy, happy lifestyle. It shares the science and anecdotal evidence of how a nature-based, holistic approach to our health is a powerful tool for a happier and healthier lifestyle. The book includes interviews with Chicago area physicians, health and wellness experts, practitioners, and researchers.For relaxation, Melissa enjoys photography, painting, piano, and activities offered at The Art Institute of Chicago, The Morton Arboretum, and The Naper Settlement.

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MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students - Melissa Newton

MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students

By Melissa Newton

Copyright 2016

Smashwords Edition License Notes:

This ebook is licensed for your personal use only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the license notation of this author.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note


Part 1: The Facts on U.S. Currency

Part 2: Choosing a Bank

Is My Money Safe?

Big Bank versus Community Bank

Online Bank vs Brick-and-Mortar Bank

What is a College-Sponsored Bank?

What to Look for When Researching a Bank’s Website

Checking Accounts

Savings Account

A Bank’s Fee Schedule

Funds Availability (When can I get my money?)

Part 3: Opening a Bank Account

Part 4: Managing Your Bank Account

Online Banking and Online Bill Pay

How is Mobile Banking Used?

Tips on Using a Debit Card

Using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in the U.S.

Overdrafts, Non-sufficient Funds, and Other Fees

What Types of Alert Messages Can I Set Up on My Account?

Avoid Identity Theft, Fraud, and Money Scams in the U.S.

Part 5: Other Facts to Know About Banks and Money

Why You Need to Know About Basic Banking

When Are U.S. Banks Closed?

What Public Notices Are Required at a Bank?

Do You Know Your American Bankers Association (ABA) Number?

What is the Federal Reserve?

Part 6: Websites and Resources

Author Closing Comments

About the Author

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Connect with Melissa Newton



Author’s Note

Congratulations! You are on an exciting adventure as a college student. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself into college life which brings a mixture of fun, responsibility, and the opportunity to make lifelong friendships. In addition, the educational goals you have set for yourself will prepare you for the successful career you have dreamed of achieving.

There are many details, both large and small, for you to plan as you enjoy a meaningful academic and social experience in college. One very important item to add to your checklist is reviewing your basic understanding of the U.S. banking system. Why? Let me share an insight not all consumers may realize.

It does not matter if you choose to bank with an online bank or brick-and-mortar bank. It does not matter if you opt for the convenience of a non-bank company that offers banking services. In the end, even with non-bank companies, all entities are either a bank or connected via a partnership with a bank. In a word, the rules of successfully navigating the world of money all circle back to the bank industry. So, no matter how a banking service is presented, delivered, apps offered, or who provides the service, you are still functioning within the banking system.

Why take the time to understand the finer points of banking now? After all, you are a college student and you do not need to worry about that now, right? Well, in years past college students may have received a pass on learning about banking. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Let us look at why money smart college students are choosing to ramp up their knowledge about personal finance issues like banking.

There are certainly many options for consumers on how they can best access and move money. However, as personal finance experts and financial literacy advocates have been saying for some time, the choices have created its' own complexity. The result is the financial landscape at different life moments in a consumer's personal and professional money life has become much more complicated. If you do not have the right information, the wrong decision can cost you a lot of money to your bottom line.

The truth is more responsibility has been put on the consumer to figure out the right financial decisions to make in all areas. Based on the news headlines these days, a lot of people are suffering with major money problems from student loan debt, credit card debt, to doling out money in bank and credit card fees. You certainly want to avoid becoming a member of that community. The smart money decisions you make today as a college student, whether it is selecting a bank, managing a debit card, credit card, student loans, or even something as seemingly innocuous as ATM use, can put you ahead of the curve financially when you walk across the platform to collect your degree.

It is for this reason we have published another banking basics money guidebook for college students. Our MMG Guide to Banking Basics for International Students has proven helpful to international college students. In fact, we just released the second edition in conjunction with this money guidebook. We are confident the MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students can be an invaluable resource to you starting today!

Our goal is to help steer you through this process of successfully navigating the banking world. We want you to feel empowered choosing a bank, picking the right bank account(s), managing your money to avoid bank fees, and keeping your personal identity and money safe. The banking industry has its complexities. But, what you need to know to get started is in this money guidebook. We have designed it to be a convenient, user-friendly, Q&A format that you can refer to throughout your college years and beyond.

In closing, let me say we want to hear from you. We really do! If you found this guidebook helpful, tell us. If you run into a problem or issue that we did not discuss, tell us. We will add it to our second edition. We hope the MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students makes your experience as a college student just a little easier and prepares you for a successful career launch. You have countless details to remember without worrying about the banking part of it.

We wish you all the best during your exciting experience as a college student. We look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa Newton

President, Editor-in-Chief

Millcreek Media Group, Inc.




The purpose of the MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students is to give you a convenient resource to understand key banking topics as you manage your bank account(s). Whether you currently have a checking account, savings account, or other bank relationship, now is the time to access what your needs are as a college student.

As a refresher, let us consider why it is important to establish a checking account and overall banking relationship as a college student:

1. The convenience of accessing money for your daily money life activities. Money may take the form of cash, debit card, credit

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