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Change Management For Managers: The No Waffle Guide To Managing Change In The Workplace

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Change Management For Managers: The No Waffle Guide To Managing Change In The Workplace

Note : 3 sur 5 étoiles3/5 (4 évaluations)
Longueur: 42 pages29 minutes


Worried how your team or organization are going to manage the changes that are due to occur in your organization? Have a team of employees who are resisting changes that are already underway? If that’s the case then this book will help guide you through the pitfalls and provide you with a workable approach to help your team/employees adapt to the changes.

What will I learn?
- An understanding of the various psychological factors at play when change is introduced to employees.
- Psychological methods to gain commitment and support for the changes.
- A model to help you identify why changes are not being implemented in the workplace.
- How to create a sense of security and retain your team, or your organisation’s focus whilst the changes take place.
- An awareness of the most common pitfalls of change programmes
- How to use Appreciative Inquiry to create a positive change programme.

How will this book benefit me?
You can gain more commitment and support for the changes you need to implement in to the workplace. If you do experience some resistance, you will be able to use one of the models to help you understand what is preventing the changes to take place. Once you have identified the barriers you can start working to address these.
You will have the skills to create a positive programme of change in your organization. You will be able to pull out the very best of what your team currently do and build on this to further increase your organisation’s success.

About the Author
Louise Palmer is a business psychologist, solution focused therapist and managing director of her own UK based training company. Having worked in the psychology field for over 10 years, she has trained all levels of manager to manage change effectively in the workplace.

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