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Leadership: Lesson One

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Leadership: Lesson One

Longueur: 59 pages39 minutes


LEADERSHIP: LESSON ONE focuses on the fundamentals of effective leadership by providing a simple and actionable framework that leaders can apply to any project or initiative. Thanks to its simplicity, it is universally applicable.

Just like in sports, it is crucial to master the fundamentals. These core elements may not appear difficult, but it requires training and even more training again to become a real champion.

For new leaders and those with less experience, it provides the foundation for effective leadership, to which one can always return, and to which more advanced layers can be added at later stages throughout the leadership journey.

And for senior or more experienced leaders, it is a useful guide that can help shape new initiatives and get things back on track when they go off the rails. And it will help you coach your team of less-experienced leaders so that they too can lead with confidence.

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