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How to Write a Business Case: For Anything

Length: 66 pages15 minutes


This eBook will introduce you to a simple process for developing or building a BUSINESS CASE that will help you achieve the objective of obtaining top-level commitment that will make your project achievable. It provides proven strategies for creating a BUSINESS CASE that: (1) Determines if a proposed project is worth doing; (2) Determines if a proposed project creates value by reducing / deferring costs or increasing profit; and (3) Builds a business case to show the overall impact on the bottom line for all the value drivers impacted by the proposed project. This eBook takes the reader step by step through writing a BUSINESS CASE that is designed to: (1) Addresses value, cost, and concerns; (2) Help you understand your organization’s exiting (as is) and future (to be) state; (3) Help you understand the strategic direction of your organization and the development of its desired market; (4) Help you justify the investment ... and sell the project; and (5) Help you ensure there is a shared vision among all involved by putting all things which are being demanded from your organization and the proposed project staff into the right perspective.

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