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How to Write a Business Case - West Palm Consulting LLC

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Chapter 1: BUSINESS CASE or Business Model?

Chapter 2: Is the Proposed Project Worth Doing?

Chapter 3: Three Bases of Argument

Chapter 4: Why Build a BUSINESS CASE?

Chapter 5: What is a BUSINESS CASE?

Chapter 6: Value / Profit Tree

Chapter 7: Value Impact Analysis

Chapter 8: Determine Value Drivers

Chapter 9: Business Performance Model

Chapter 10: Quantify Benefits

Chapter 11: BUSINESS CASE Results

Chapter 12: Structure of a BUSINESS CASE

Chapter 13: Who Leads Business Change?

Chapter 14: Critical Success Factors

Chapter 15: The Elevator Test

Chapter 16: BUSINESS CASE Template

Chapter 17: Compelling Reasons for Using a Template

About The Author

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This eBook will introduce you to a simple process for developing or building a BUSINESS CASE that will help you achieve the objective of obtaining top-level commitment that will make your project achievable. It provides proven strategies for creating a BUSINESS CASE that: (1) Determines if a proposed project is worth doing; (2) Determines if a proposed project creates value by reducing / deferring costs or increasing profit;  and (3) Builds a BUSINESS CASE to show the overall impact on the bottom line for all the value drivers impacted by the proposed project.