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Bits of Ribbon and Lace

Bits of Ribbon and Lace

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Bits of Ribbon and Lace

3.5/5 (2 évaluations)
79 pages
57 minutes
Feb 20, 2016


A little Darcy and a bit of Lizzy combined with a vivid imagination.


Sometimes a seamstress or a milliner requires just a little bit of something, a snippet of ribbon or of lace, to make a project complete. This little book is just that for readers: small snippets of story, all in different sizes, designed to fill a few minutes between appointments or before bed. Intended to be enjoyed over and over, they will hit the sweet spot you are looking for. Some are modern and some are Regency, but all feature the wonderful characters Jane Austen created in Pride & Prejudice.


If you enjoy sweet romance, swoon-worthy heroes, and quick reads, Zoe Burton's Bits of Ribbon and Lace is for you. Drop a copy in your purse today and enjoy these little escapes from the ordinary.

Feb 20, 2016

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Bits of Ribbon and Lace - Zoe Burton

Bits of Ribbon and Lace

By Zoe Burton

Bits of Ribbon and Lace

Zoe Burton

Published by Zoe Burton

© 2015 Zoe Burton

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews, without permission from its publisher and author.

Early drafts of some stories were written and posted on fan fiction forums in July 2015. Georgiana and a Ball at Netherfield appeared in the Peculiar Ramblings Newsletter.


First, I thank Jesus Christ, my Savior and Guide, without whom this story would not have been told. I love you!

Additional thanks go to my betas, Rose and Leenie. You continue to stretch me and keep me on the straight and narrow, writing-wise. You rock!!

A huge thank you goes to J Dawn King, who gave me the title for this little book. You bring joy everywhere you go, and I don’t have words to express my appreciation!

A Note to My Readers

Most of these short stories are based on people I have known and experiences I have had in life. Some of the stories are Regency, others are modern. Two were inspired by songs: Crazy Girl by The Eli Young Band, and Loving You Is Fun by Easton Corbin. In Sing Me a Love Song, I combined the descriptions of two conference centers in Columbus, Ohio that I visit for meetings every school year. Like Lizzy in that story, my Suburban’s air conditioner does not work, which makes for some long, hot drives.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!


Table of Contents

Georgiana and a Ball at Netherfield

An Evening in the Darcy Nursery

The Path to Happiness

Road to Recovery

I’ll Never Leave You

Fun in Love

Sing Me a Love Song

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Georgiana and a Ball at Netherfield

Georgiana Darcy was excited. Tonight she would meet the woman that her brother had written about when he was last in Hertfordshire. She was certain he was in love with her, as he had never before written about a woman that way.

As eager as she was to meet Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the thought of joining the crowded ballroom frightened her to the bone. She was a shy person, and did not like to draw attention to herself. She just knew that if she entered that ballroom, everyone would be looking at her. Worse, she was convinced they would somehow be able to see that she was not the innocent and obedient girl she looked to be. Her near-elopement with George Wickham last summer had left her with a deep shame and an accompanying feeling of guilt. Rationally, she knew that others could not see into her mind or her soul and see anything. Her emotions, however, were not so sure. Still, she must overcome this if she were to meet Miss Elizabeth. And she did not intend for this night to end without that happening.

So, here she stood, on her brother’s arm as he searched the room. Finally locating his lady, Fitzwilliam tugged on her arm and led her to stand in front of a beautiful young lady with sparkling eyes.

May I present my sister, Miss Georgiana Darcy. Georgiana, this is Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

I am very pleased to meet you. Georgiana spoke timidly while she examined this young woman who so caught her brother’s fancy. What she saw was pleasing. In addition to sparkling eyes, the lady had beautiful brown hair done up in braids and loops, with small pearl pins holding it all in place. Her dress was beautiful, though not as high in quality as what she herself wore, and was exquisitely suited to her coloring.

I am pleased to meet you as well. I have heard such wonderful things of you.

Georgiana blushed. I could say the same of you.

Georgiana thought Miss Elizabeth reacted strangely to this statement. She looked startled, more so when Fitzwilliam listed her accomplishments. Georgiana wondered at the reaction. Surely her brother had not been his usual socially awkward self and insulted her when he was here in the autumn?

The conversation seemed to be lagging, so Georgiana surreptitiously pinched her brother, prompting him to ask Miss Elizabeth to dance. She was quite happy to remove herself from their company so they could talk, citing a desire to talk to Miss Bennet.

As she watched the pair dance, she was struck by how they moved. It was as if they were one person, or even two parts of a whole. Each action was perfectly executed, and they flowed through the steps with an elegance that no other couple could match. She observed as they spoke to each other when they came close enough. From her point of view, they seemed to be getting along famously.

After Fitzwilliam and his lady had danced, they collected Georgiana and all three went into the supper room. She did her best to promote his good qualities to Miss Elizabeth, and to make herself as agreeable as possible. After all, the young lady had four sisters, two of whom seemed very lively. She was sure that anyone with that many sisters would want to like the sister of the man she married.

She had been introduced to each of the Bennet sisters over the course of the evening. While Miss Bennet and Miss Mary were quiet, Miss Kitty and Miss Lydia were louder than she was used to. She had seen them flirting with some of the men in the room, and heard their loud laughter. She had thought them very pretty, amiable young ladies, but she

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Avis des lecteurs

  • (4/5)
    A lovely bouquet of short stories from both the regency and the modern era.
    Perfect little snippets to read on a busy day.

    1. Georgiana at the Netherfield ball. Short, sweet regency.
    2. An evening in the Darcy nursery.
    A funny moment between ODC and their four children, regency.
    3. The path to happiness.
    A new twist to the Meryton assembly, regency.
    4. Road To Recovery.
    Elizabeth Darcy had an accident, walking in the grounds of Pemberley. Regency.
    5. I'll never leave you.
    A thrilling modern story with a fight and a make up.
    6. Fun in Love.
    A conversation after Charlotte has given her input on their relationship, modern.
    7. Sing me a love song.
    Romantic, modern story where ODC are a bit mature than canon.