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Life at the End of a Rope

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Life at the End of a Rope

Note : 1 sur 5 étoiles1/5 (1 évaluation)
Longueur: 167 pages1 heure


This book is a partial autobiography focusing on the author's time spent living on a boat, initially for four years in the late 1970’s in Marina-del Rey, California and, now, for the last two years, in Ventura Harbor, California.

Inspired by the lifestyle of boat living and others, who enjoy this experience in so many different ways, he shares this with both those who live this life and others who might aspire to do so.

He outlines his personal experiences and includes lots of advice for anyone considering taking this journey.  He has also included nine true stories of others who have chosen to “live aboard”.  Each of these accounts is quite unique, including a couple living on a large fishing seiner that covers Alaska to San Diego, a man living on a canal long-boat in England, and a family of four currently sailing around the world in a 42 foot yacht.

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