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Tales from Wriggly Bottom

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Tales from Wriggly Bottom

Longueur: 130 pages2 heures


Down in the hollows, deep in the woods, far far away from the noisy outside world, lay the sleepy little hamlet of Wriggly Bottom. How “Wriggly Bottom” ever got its name no one seems to know. Perhaps lots and lots of wriggly worms lived there once upon a time, or maybe mole families churned wriggly paths through the earth? Your guess is as good as mine, but nowadays this peaceful community was home to a whole host of busy countryside animals. Let’s take a closer look...”
So begins my series of entertaining and often humorous adventures of the “Wrigglyites”, a community of loveable characters who spring to life from the pages of this colourful collection of stories. Sir Fortescue Fox, Lord of the Manor at “Wriggly Heights”; Oliver Owl, the Primary School Headmaster; Harriet Hare, the Herbal Chemist, and her husband, Henry, the Village Doctor; Millicent Mouse, postmistress, clothes maker and food store manageress of “Millie’s Corner Shop”; Olwyn Otter, the incumbent Mayoress; and Bertie Badger, Wriggly Bottom’s local bobby – just some of the host of endearing characters appearing in ten very different tales.
We follow the remarkable flight of Maddie Mouse, high above the treetops and over pastures below, resulting in her surprise appearance in the farmer’s frying pan, before being rescued by Bertie Badger.(Madeleine Mouse Takes To The Skies) Then it’s the turn of Harry Hare to propose a fun filled variety event showcasing, amongst others, “The Mice Girls”, “The Mighty Herbert Hamster Troupe” of acrobats, Freddie Fox, the incompetent ventriloquist, and the grace and beauty of Olivia Otter, ballerina. (Wriggly’s Got Talent) Sally Stoat’s Christmas hits the highs and lows as her dazzling yuletide present is stolen by a mischievous magpie, calling for a clever rescue plan to be carried out by Robbie Robin. (Sally Stoat’s Best Ever Christmas) Then it’s drama all the way as Molly Mole, out sunbathing on a pontoon, suddenly finds herself floating down river and heading for disaster till Olivia Otter pops up to save the day. (Olivia Otter To The Rescue) The School Treasure Hunt turns into a game of “cops and robbers” for Sebastian Squirrel, (Sebastian Squirrel And The Treasure Hunt) whilst fun at the seaside awaits the hamster family in Burrow-On-Sea, particularly for young Huey Hamster, who bites off more than he can chew when tempted into the funfair. (Off To The Seaside) Disaster next for the village, and specifically for the Reverend Humphrey Hedgehog, as “The Great Storm” demolishes the Parish Church, though salvation does spring up from unexpected quarters. (The Great Storm) Next on to the annual May Fair and the election of “Miss Wriggly Bottom”, a title the cunning Fenella Fox has set her eyes on, though despite her best mischievous efforts, aided by her lazy brother, Freddie, she has to play second fiddle to lovely Rachel Rabbit. (Fenella Fox Eats Humble Pie) The pantomime season sees the youngsters taking on the roles of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, though the performance is interrupted by the unexpected and unwanted arrival in the village of “The Frog Gang”, but Bertie Badger and the dwarfs prove more than a match for these rogues. (They’re Behind You...Oh No They’re Not... Oh Yes They Are..!) And finally Maisy Mouse, on a foggy day out in the woods with her family, meets and makes friends with a young runaway circus elephant, much to the terror and amazement of both sets of parents, feelings shared by all at Wriggly Bottom when the three large creatures pay the village a visit. (Maisy Mouse Makes A New Jumbo Friend)

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