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Making Your Main Garden: Making an Attractive Garden in a Limited Space

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Making Your Main Garden: Making an Attractive Garden in a Limited Space

Longueur: 52 pages20 minutes


Table of Contents

Making Your Garden
Tips when planting trees and Shrubs
Planning Your Garden
PH value
Flowering Plants
Conifers, Cypress And Firs
Willows and Maples
Author Bio


A main garden can either be in the front of your house or at the back of your house – wherever you have some space.

It does not matter how large your house is; the main garden is usually going to take up the empty part of the whole building lot or plot. Your backyard may be your main garden, with exotic flowers and trees. In the same way, your front garden is going to be the most attractive landscaping feature which is going to welcome all the visitors with a smile.

That is the reason why front gardens in comparison to main gardens do not normally have large trees taking up all the area. Unless of course you are very fond of conifers and cannot do without them. Remember that the front garden is going to be your visiting card. This is going to give your visitor a first-hand impression about you, your tastes, your personality and also whether your house is welcoming or is it just a bleak, dour, Gothic magnificent construction with absolutely no sign of welcome around it?

And after that you are going to take your visitors to see your main garden which you have made with a lot of care, effort and pride. All of us know that a majority of us are instinctively nature loving however much circumstances have made us citified. Most of us wish to go back to the wide open spaces, the woods and above all, any place where it is green, nice, and soothing.

The instinct to have your own plot of land is innate and once you have that bit of plot, the first thing that you are going to do is make a roof for yourself and your family, and then look at the rest of the space in which you can plant things. This instinct to see things grow, especially through your own effort is one of the natural instincts inherent in man.

So if you find yourself getting resigned to a paradise of bricks and mortar and pollution, isn't it time that you should escape and live amid blossoms, greenery and the fresh air. For millenniums, one has known and understood this cliché – everything you really desire can always be obtained. But to obtain that precious goal is going to take a little bit of effort. So that means you need to do a little bit of early planning, and work with a continuous dedication.

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