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The GIANT (Yet Tiny) Book on Insects

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The GIANT (Yet Tiny) Book on Insects

Longueur: 176 pages1 heure


Table of Contents

What Are Bees?
Facts About Bees
Options for treating bee stings
The Life Cycle of a Bee
Why Are Bees So Important to Humans?
Types of Bees
Carpenter bees
Africanized honey bees
Bumble Bees
Yellow Jackets
The Bee Hive
The Honey Bee Colony
The Royal Queen
Bee Keeping
Tips for Preventing Attacks
Harvesting Honey
What is Pollen and Pollination?
Flowers That Attract Bees
All about Wasps
What is a wasp?
What kinds of wasps are there?
The history of wasps and humans
Yellow jacket
Fig wasp
A little more on wasps
All about Butterfies
Butterflies Beautiful Insects
Anatomy of a Butterfly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Butterflies Habitat
What Do Butterflies Eat?
Can Butterflies Communicate?
Butterflies and Pollination
Monarch Butterfly and Migration
Butterfly Species
Butterfly Meanings in Different Cultures
Butterfly Facts
A little more on butterflies
What are ladybugs?
Anatomy of a ladybug
Ladybug romance
How to spot different types of ladybugs
Are ladybugs helpful?
Why do ladybugs smell when they are crushed?
How to get rid of ladybugs
How did the humble ladybug get her name?
Ladybugs in the farming field
Ladybugs and tree diseases of the forest
Ladybugs around the globe and in your backyard
Seasons for ladybugs
A little more on ladybugs
Classification of the scorpion
Description of a scorpion
The behavior of the scorpions,
Habitats of the scorpions
Biology of the scorpion
Scorpion Body Parts
Parts of the body
Scorpion Anatomy
Food habits of the scorpions
Some deadly species of scorpions
Scorpions and humans
Myths and stories about scorpions
Introduction to Spiders
10 Facts About Spiders
Spider Eggs
Spider Anatomy
Spider Habitat
Spider Silk
Spider Webs - For Catching Prey
Spider Senses
Spider Bites
Types of Spiders
Spider Identification
Black Widow Spiders
Crab Spider
Baby Spiders
Brown Recluse Spiders
Funnel Spider
Tarantula Spiders
Jumping Spiders
World’s Most Poisonous


There are more insects on this planet than anything else. They are so tiny, and do not take up much space. Let's learn about a few of the most common insects.

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