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Éléments de base de la méditation
Éléments de base de la méditation
Éléments de base de la méditation
Livre électronique28 pages16 minutes

Éléments de base de la méditation

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L’auteur décrit en quelques pages les éléments de base de la méditation, la méthode la plus simple, qui est pourtant le fondement de toutes les autres disciplines courantes touchant de près ou de loin la méditation. Vous y apprendrez ce qu’est vraiment la méditation et ce qu’elle n’est pas. Vous découvrirez ce qu’elle peut vous apporter et une méthode simple et efficace pour obtenir de la méditation ce que vous recherchez. Lorsque que vous connaîtrez les principes de base de la méditation, vous pourrez les adapter à vos propres besoins et objectifs. L’apprentissage de la méditation est simple et vous pourrez la pratiquer facilement après avoir pris connaissance des points essentiels à son succès. Il est important de réaliser qu’il est possible de méditer pour n’importe qui et que seuls les éléments de base sont nécessaires pour faire un succès de votre méditation

Date de sortie7 févr. 2013
Éléments de base de la méditation
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Julien Bouchard

During an international career encompassing nearly forty-five years, Julien Bouchard has worked and visited numerous countries in Asia, the Middle-East, South America, Central America, Europe, etc. All these voyages were not solely done for professional purposes since they were also the object of philosophical and spiritual research especially in India and in the northern region of Nepal. In addition to studying several civilizations and religions, he directed numerous large scale electrical development projects comprising several hundred employees. He took advantage of these privileged periods to study the behaviour of others as well as his, in the face of everyday living and a variety of problematic and conflicting situations. He has been practicing meditation for several decades and early on he visited ashrams in India and monasteries in Nepal where he was initiated to some Buddhist philosophies and practices. His goal was to find a simple method of meditation, a method with the least tempering by humans and time, a method in its purest form. To this end he conducted a research that took him back in time and finally, during a trekking trip in the northern regions of Nepal, he met a Master from the Kargyüpta school (adept of the apostolic succession). The teaching of this Master was based on the MahaMudra (the Great Symbol). One of the most ancient and purest forms of meditation known today. It was first set forth by a wise Indian named Saraha sometime in the first century before J. C., and at that time the Great Symbol was widely believed to be very old, according Master Tilopa’s texts dated around the 11th century after J.-C. Now retired, Julien Bouchard lives in Sherrington, Québec, Canada, where he writes books in order to share his inner experience. He also practices wood sculpting. His sculptures take the shape of heads gazing inward, stretched tousled hair, singing or meditating, or of slim goddess bodies or Venus with tentacular members reaching for the sky. All his sculptures, like his books, attempt to communicate the peace and harmony that one can find during moments of deep meditation.

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