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Ornamenting Your House: Choosing the Best Plants for Your Balcony and Terrace

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Ornamenting Your House: Choosing the Best Plants for Your Balcony and Terrace

Longueur: 66 pages22 minutes


Table of Contents

Planting in Your Balcony Box
Plants in Your Balcony
Best Plant Choices for Your Balcony
Ramblers for Your Walls, Pergolas and Screens
So Are Roses Climbers?
Best Climbing Rose Varieties
Red Roses
Yellow Roses
White Roses
Pink Roses
Planting Roses
Planting Your Clematises
Author Bio


Many of us are not fortunate enough to have large gardens, especially if we are living in flats in a city. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we cannot take full advantage of ornamental plants, especially in an outdoor garden. So now the 21st century has begun to look into sustainable gardening, especially in places with limited space, here is a book which is going to tell you all about how you can ornament the house, especially if you have a balcony and a Terrace.

Consider a balcony and a Terrace to be just an extension of your small front garden or your main large back garden. After all, it is open space, which you can cover immediately and utilize instead of letting it go waste. And like I said before, if you are not fortunate enough to have a large open space as an outdoor garden on the ground, we are going to make do with spaces like balconies and terraces in the air.

Along with information on how you can ornament your balconies and terraces, you are also going to get to know more about the plants which you can plant around pergolas, trees, walls and screens. The aim of this book is to give you plenty of information about the best plants to plant in every available space so that your house is a thing of beauty and a joy forever throughout the year.

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