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Day Trading Guide and Crash Course: Trading, Investing, Forex, Options, Day Trading, #5

Day Trading Guide and Crash Course: Trading, Investing, Forex, Options, Day Trading, #5

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Day Trading Guide and Crash Course: Trading, Investing, Forex, Options, Day Trading, #5

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Apr 10, 2016


Two Day Trading Books

This day trading bundle contains:

  • Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Making a Profit in the Stock Market: Proven Methods
  • Day Trading: Crash Course to Learn the Basics of Trading Securities Within the Same Day: Proven Methods

Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Making a Profit in the Stock Market: Proven Methods

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to increase your winning odds and avoid unnecessary losses by simply picking only highly trending stocks with the best chances of profit.

The Problem

Finding good resources with unbiased information about the stock market is difficult. There are a lot of misinformation, fake testimonials, and biased reviews of how and where you should trade. Looking for information online means, 99 percent of the time, that you are moving from one website to another, trying to get a clear description of how to trade in the stock market.

The Solution

The solution is Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Making a Profit in the Stock Market: Proven Methods. This book is going to provide the following:

  • Day trading pros and cons
  • What moves the stock prices
  • How to anticipate where the next big moves will be
  • Taming the bear, riding the bull
  • How to scan for the best stocks to day trade
  • The day trading time zones
  • Know the rules for the pattern day trader
  • Effective strategies for day trading
  • Learn how to use penny stock level 2 quotes to reveal the underlying market sentiment
  • Why many investors achieve incredibly poor returns

You have the resources to become a successful trader right here. You have the determination and goals within yourself to succeed.

Apr 10, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Ken McLinton is a self-made multimillionaire and the best selling author of dozens of books. Having become financially free with the Internet, he has then branched out to other ways of generating substantial incomes, mostly passively. With his expertise and books, he has helped thousands of people across the world become financially free, mostly via: - Binary Options - Forex - Options Trading - Stocks - Internet Marketing Ken is an authority when it comes to truly make things happen with money. His books have been consistently ranked amongst the very best on Amazon. What are you waiting for? Grab one of his books and start cashing in! You can reach Ken McLinton at kenmclintonmoney@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KenMcLinton/

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Day Trading Guide and Crash Course - Ken McLinton



I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide To Making A Profit In The Stock Market. Proven Methods..

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to increase your winning odds and avoid unnecessary losses by simply picking only the highly trending stocks with the best chances of profit.

This book is based on the premise that stock prices are nothing more than a reflection of a common and overwhelming sentiment of the majority of traders whose shared feelings and sentiments about current fundamentals underlying a particular stock, move them to trade in unison, thus pushing the prices in a particular direction –up when the overwhelming sentiment is bullish, or down if it is a bearish sentiment.

The peaks and troughs we see in various price charts that represent particular stock price movements simply mirrors the constantly shifting market sentiment of the traders whose numbers constitute the majority – e.g., from optimism to pessimism and vice versa. It explains why and how stocks prices move in trends in this light which in turn gives birth to many trading opportunities. The book shows you how to take advantage of every trading opportunity that crops up as a result of this shifting market sentiment.

Best of all, the book shares with you an insight to a better – not to mention cheaper - approach to analyzing and trading the Stock Market on a daily basis and how to make a living as a day trader.

Thanks again for downloading this book. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Day Trading Pros and Cons

Make no mistake about it - day trading is simply not for everyone – at least not for the faint of heart. It is basically for investors who have big appetites for risks and with deeper pockets they can dig into when things suddenly go haywire. It is just quite unfortunate that some so-called stock market gurus are selling the wrong idea that day trading is a short cut to riches. As a result, people started entertaining the wrong notion that day trading is another one of those get-rich-quick schemes that sprouted in the stock market.

While it is true that the learned and the more experienced traders can and are actually able to turn day trading into a successful career, it is also true that many who are uninitiated and lack the knowledge and the skills to tackle the pressure of day to day trading can lose their shirts rather quickly too.

A Cursory Look at Day Trading

Day trading is a highly speculative, fast-paced trading strategy that involves buying and selling stocks or other financial instruments within the same trading day (hence the name). Strictly speaking, with day trading, all positions are squared off or liquidated by the end of the trading day. No positions are left open and rolled over to the next trading day. Traders who employ this trading strategy hope to cash in on the small price fluctuations of highly liquid stocks or indexes by successfully completing numerous sales in the same day hoping to accumulate several small profits in the process.

For example, a day trader would buy 1,000 shares in an instant and then liquidate it immediately once the price of that particular stock rises a few minutes or a few hours later. If other traders view the changes in price within such a short time as not big enough to decide to cash in, the day trader looks at it differently. He would take advantage of the small price movements and maximize his profit by trading in and out of the market in bigger volumes, in more than one security, and more frequently within the same trading day.

The day trader picks only highly volatile but very liquid financial assets market to trade. Higher market volatility means more trading opportunities to them. Besides, a very liquid financial asset means its trading volume is simply too big for anyone to unduly influence the prices.

Arguments In Favor Of Day Trading

Unlimited Profit Potential

The biggest benefit a day trader gains from his day to day activities is that he can earn enough money from it to make a living for himself. In fact, he can even make a fortune out of it just as some renowned day trader millionaires like Timothy Sykes (who used his ‘bar mitzva’ money to earn his first million by day trading in between his classes while still studying at Tulane University), Eric Woods (a Timothy Sykes copycat and protégé who is quite sharp in locating overvalued shares and earned his millions by short selling them), and Takashi Kotegawa (also known as BNF, he turned $13,600 into $153M through day trading in just 4 years).

There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing they did and be a day trader millionaire yourself. However, to be in their league, you need to have the following basic traits that mark successful day traders:

You have to have a big appetite for taking risks,

You have to have the patience and the temerity to understand the intricacies of the stock market, and

You have to have the discipline to implement and follow a well thought out trading strategy to the letter.


Day trading also offers leverage which allows you to trade in lots a hundred fold more than what your available capital can normally afford to buy or sell on a one-to-one basis. In other words, leverage allows you to trade more lots on borrowed capital thereby increasing your potential returns tremendously. And, if you are lucky enough to work with a broker who truly cares for their clients, you just may be allowed to use their expensive trading software which otherwise is too expensive for individual retail traders to acquire. You may even get a direct line to their dealing desk where you can get favorable quotes plus unlimited use of their available trading resources including access to the latest market information.


With leverage, day traders are able to do perfect arbitrage play buying and selling the same stock to exploit the difference in prices of the same asset or two different assets in the same class. It involves buying the lower priced asset and selling the higher-priced one to take advantage of market discrepancies. And when the market finally strike equilibrium as it is bound to do, you will be able to pocket the difference in price as your profit.


Arguments Against Day Trading

High Risk

Day trading thrives mainly on volatile markets. In range bound, sideways moving markets, day trading strategies becomes stymied and are quite ineffective if not totally inutile. The bleaker news however is that with volatile markets comes even greater risks. Just ask any day trader and he will tell you that they are never be sure if they will end up with profits by the end of the day since sentiments shift fast in very volatile markets.

The naked truth is that day trading comes with a lot more risk compared to the usual long term, position trading that most traders are familiar with; that is

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