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Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus

Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus

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Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus

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Apr 8, 2016


If you have stopped gaining strength in spite of diligent training and consistent workouts, you are experiencing a training plateau. It is a common phenomenon that eventually happens to the vast majority of people who train with weights. Why? Most likely the pattern that kills progress is unknowingly being used. How do you avoid this problem? You must start by understanding the following concepts:
•Why training strategies that once worked quit working.
•The two goals that your body is trying to achieve when it gains strength.
•The goal your body is trying to achieve when it quits gaining strength.
You will also learn how to:
•Avoid training strategies that contradict what your body is trying to achieve when it gains strength
•Train in agreement with what your body is trying to achieve when it does gain strength.
These principles are the foundation for experiencing consistent strength gains for workouts of all kinds. This book provides instructions for how to apply these principles to a variety of training strategies including: basic workouts, block periodization, linear periodization, and nonlinear periodization. You will receive the step by step instructions with each strategy so that you are equipped to overcome a training plateau and start making consistent strength gains again.

Apr 8, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Mark's books stem from his background as a physical education instructor, a fitness instructor, a classroom teacher in Christian education, and a degree in Biblical Theology. It is his desire to encourage people in their physical and spiritual development through his books and writing. In addition to his books, his writing can be found on his blogs including: www.precisionpointtraining.com, www.spiritbodysong.com sports and fitness parables.com highfrequencytrainingmst.com.

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Aperçu du livre

Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus - Mark Sherwood

Overcoming Strength Training Plateaus

How to Avoid The Pattern That Kills Progress

By Mark Sherwood

Copyright 2016 Mark Sherwood

Smashwords Edition

The author and publisher of the information in this book are not responsible in any manner for physical harm or damages that may occur in response to following the instructions presented in this material. As with any exercise program, a doctor’s approval should be obtained before engaging in exercise.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Why Does Your Body Want to Grow Stronger?

Chapter 2 Two Goals Your Body is Trying to Achieve When it Gains Strength

Chapter 3 A Double Violation of Two Goals

Chapter 4 How the Pattern That Kills Progress Causes Strength Gains to Stop

Chapter 5 Success Before the Sticking Point

Chapter 6 Three Keys to Overcoming a Plateau

Chapter 7 Warm up Sets That Work for you , Not Against You

Chapter 8 Traditional Approaches to Overcoming Training Plateaus

Chapter 9 Periodization Strategies

Chapter 10 Start Making Progress Again

About the Author


Some lifters and bodybuilders can train a long time before they stop making progress. Other people may only train for a short time before they run into a dead end and stop making progress. Both groups have one thing in common, they eventually stop making progress.

Nothing is more frustrating than consistently working hard to improve with little results in return. You may be able to maintain the strength and muscle size that you have gained from the past, but fail to make any further improvements. Why does this happen? The answer I was given when it happened to me was that I had reached my genetic potential. This basically meant that no amount of hard work would ever help me to gain anymore because I had maxed out my capacity to improve.

Reaching my genetic potential seemed to be an unavoidable fact that kept a lid on my progress until I understood that that I was using the training pattern that kills progress. Not only was I using it, most people within the weight training community seem to inadvertently use it and pass it on to others. Why would anyone do this? I believe it is because there are many training strategies that bring fabulous results for a while, but then they quit working. Few people seem to realize that common training strategies are often good for quick gains, but inferior for long

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