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Secrets Of Getting Any Job At Any Time, Fast

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Secrets Of Getting Any Job At Any Time, Fast

Longueur: 78 pages54 minutes


Here are some of the things this book will show you step by step how to do. (There is not enough space here to show all.)
How you can get a job at a company, even if it has a big board outside, saying NO JOBS AVAILABLE/NO VACANCIES. If you use the secret given on page 23 you will impress the employer even if you haven’t worked a day in your life, or have no educational qualifications at all. How to find the exact job that suits your personality. You will be shown how to do this on page 14. How to focus on your ideal job and get hired by exactly the right company. A special one page report that will show you how to negotiate for a salary exactly like the big boys do. All the juicy secrets of the interview and how to pass it with flying colours every time. The very important thing that you must do after every interview. Very few people know about this. This little secret alone is worth the price of the book. You are shown where to look to find the lucrative jobs, where you don’t have to compete with thousands of other applicants.

All of the above and much more. This book is written in plain English with no fluff. Only straight forward, practical advice that you can apply immediately. Sample CV's and cover letters are provided, with clear instructions on how to produce your very own.

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