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Holistic skin care guide is about achieving healthy skin by providing it essential vitamins and minerals through diet and natural skin care rituals. It has homemade recipes of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and home remedies for different skin types..There is a chapter about understanding acne, its causes, type and remedies. It also has info about the ingredients to watch out for in cosmetics.

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Holistic Skin Care Guide - Manali Mehrishi Sharma

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My Skin Story

Like most of us (excluding the few lucky ones!) teenage brought its share of oily and acne prone skin into my life. Being very conscious of my self-image I desperately started using various over the counter medications, face washes, creams, gels and cosmetics that would eliminate pimples and return my baby soft skin. But overuse of chemicals worsened the skin condition, which in turn impacted my self-confidence and I shied away from socializing.

After spending a fortune and lot of experimentation on my poor skin I realized that chemical laden products are doing more harm than good by aggravating the skin condition.

Finally I resorted to age old beauty rituals and remedies made with simple natural ingredients. On my mother’s insistence I halfheartedly started using milk for cleansing, rose water for toning and glycerin for moisturizing. For pimples and scars I regularly applied turmeric, gram flour, mint leaves and lemon juice face pack. The results were gradual but definitely worth the wait.

That’s how I got inclined towards natural ingredients as they are gentle, soothing and most importantly very effective, as they contain all essential nutrients our skin needs in their purest form.

Over time my passion for going all natural has only increased. My mantra is to keep things simple and chemical free that’s why the home remedies in this book comprise of very few steps and few ingredients.

I do not advice in blindly following any remedies before knowing your skin condition and the nutrients it needs, therefore my succeeding chapters are about skin types, ingredients and what nutrients they contain so that you can make an informed decision and mix and match natural ingredients according to your skin type and its needs.

I have also tried to share in layman’s terms how chemicals and toxins that we consume through food and other factors negatively impact our skin and overall health, what’s an ideal skin care routine and home remedies for different skin types.

My experience taught me that healthy skin cannot be achieved by merely applying natural products. Drastic improvement in my skin was noticeable only when I followed a holistic approach of nutritious diet, meditation and workout.

My findings of more than 10 years in this field have positively impacted my skin and of those around me. Therefore I hope this book helps you too in some way.

Chapter 1-What the Skin really needs

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it depicts our internal health. Whatever is applied on skin gets absorbed by the body, hence it’s imperative to carefully choose skin care products and cosmetics.

Our skin needs to breathe, it needs effective yet gentle care. The harshness of chemicals in makeup and skin care products destroy natural pH balance (acidic level) that either makes skin too dry, too oily or too sensitive. That does not mean we should stop wearing makeup or using any readily available skin care product. The point is to have a right balance.

Make sure to use good quality makeup suitable for your skin type (oily, dry or combination) and always remove it before going to bed with a natural makeup remover like olive oil so that your skin can breathe and rejuvenates at night as cell regeneration is faster at night than day.

All our skin requires is essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants that replenish skin. Natural ingredients contain these nutrients in the most unadulterated form. Fruits, vegetables, milk, curd, spices, herbs and oils can provide all that your skin needs without any side effects of harmful chemicals.