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Strength Training Thresholds: The Key to Consistent Strength Gains

Strength Training Thresholds: The Key to Consistent Strength Gains

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Strength Training Thresholds: The Key to Consistent Strength Gains

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May 7, 2016


Strength training thresholds help answer the questions: How many sets? How many reps? How hard should you push yourself for best results if you want to gain strength? You can imitate strength training routines that others do. You can also sift through monstrous amounts of weight training information only to be left with endless training options. The real answer to these questions can be found by understanding your own work out performance. Strength training thresholds provide a means for evaluating your work out performance and give you a physiological basis for helping you to identify how much to train, how heavy to train, and how hard to train. When you understand how to train according to strength training thresholds, it takes the guess work out of training and allows you to work out with strength specific precision.

May 7, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Mark's books stem from his background as a physical education instructor, a fitness instructor, a classroom teacher in Christian education, and a degree in Biblical Theology. It is his desire to encourage people in their physical and spiritual development through his books and writing. In addition to his books, his writing can be found on his blogs including: www.precisionpointtraining.com, www.spiritbodysong.com sports and fitness parables.com highfrequencytrainingmst.com.

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Strength Training Thresholds - Mark Sherwood

Strength Training Thresholds

The Key to Consistent Strength Gains

By Mark Sherwood

Copyright 2016 Mark Sherwood

Smashwords Edition

The author and publisher of the information in this book are not responsible in any manner for physical harm or damages that may occur in response to following the instructions presented in this material. As with any exercise program, a doctor’s approval should be obtained before engaging in exercise.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Power of Thresholds

Chapter 2 The Dividing Line Between Easier and Harder

Chapter 3 Three Thresholds Explained

Threshold 1: Knowing Where to Stop a Set

Threshold 2: The Key to How Many Sets to Perform

Threshold 3: A Gauge for Determining the Heaviest Weights to Use

Chapter 4 The Problem with Exceeding Training Thresholds

Chapter 5 Sensible Progression

Chapter 6 Important Considerations When Using Training Threshold

Chapter 7 The Challenge for Long Term Consistent Strength Gains

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It’s no fun being stuck at the same strength level in spite of consistent, disciplined training, but that’s where I found myself. I had reached a point where I trained on regular basis, but I wasn’t getting any stronger. This went on for years. Since I wasn’t getting any stronger, I had nothing to lose by trying all kinds of strength training strategies. Some forms of training worked for a short time, but I couldn’t find anything that kept working for a long time. When I began to think about all of the years that I had been training with weights, I couldn’t help but do a little math and come to a simple conclusion. If I had gained even one pound of strength per month after I was stuck at the same strength level, those little gains would have added up year after year to produce substantial strength gains. The only problem was that I didn’t make those little strength gains year after year.

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