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Shakespeare Tales: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Tales: Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare Tales: Romeo and Juliet

57 pages
14 minutes
Jun 16, 2016


From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories...

Down at the theatre, Sam is about to star in Shakespeare's new play, Romeo and Juliet, but people are whispering that a plague is spreading through the city. Will Sam get his big break or will the plague shut down the theatre? Meanwhile, on stage, Romeo and Juliet are in love but their families can't stand each other. With plots and poison, the lovers must find a way to be together.

Terry Deary's Shakespeare Tales explore the fascinating world of William Shakespeare through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time. Join master storyteller Terry Deary for a trip back in time to plague ridden-London where going to the theatre could be a matter of life or death! This edition features notes for the reader to help extend learning and exploration of the historical period.
Jun 16, 2016

À propos de l'auteur

Terry Deary is the author of over 200 fiction and non-fiction books, which have been published in 32 languages. His historical fiction for older children Tudor Terror has been praised as "a marvellous blend of fact and fiction" (School Librarian). His non-fiction has been consistently in the best-seller lists since 1994. His Horrible Histories celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2008, having sold over 10 million copies worldwide and been adapted as television series, theatre tours and museum exhibitions. Terry Deary was voted "Outstanding children's non-fiction author of the 20th Century" by Books for Keeps magazine.

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Shakespeare Tales - Terry Deary


Curtain up:Swords and sweat

Act 1:Mother and marriage

Act 2:Monk and meddle

Act 3:Fight and flight

Act 4:Poison and plague

Act 5:Tomb and tragedy


Curtain up

Swords and sweat

The actor’s tale

The streets of London were so hot they steamed. The smell choked you. Men and women in masks tried to sweep away the filth but it was a hopeless job. They may as well have tried to stop the tide on the Thames from rising.

And in the foul and baking air some people dripped with the sweating sickness. They stumbled and fell in the streets or lurched home to die. No one wanted to touch the fallen victims. Not even the doctors wanted to go near.

The passers-by hurried on and left the dying to the men with carts who came to pick them up. We all wondered who would be next.

Crowds headed for the theatres to watch the plays of young men like Master Shakespeare. For two hours they could watch actors pretend to die. For two hours they could forget about the hot horrors of the streets and alleys.

They could watch plays like Master Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. For a penny they could stand and watch the theatre’s thrills. Actors died on stage then jumped to their feet, smiling. It was all pretend. I

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