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Get Sh!t Done: A Guide to Finding Your Value and Marketing Yourself at Work

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Get Sh!t Done: A Guide to Finding Your Value and Marketing Yourself at Work

Longueur: 25 pages12 minutes


Whether you work for a small company or large corporation, are new to the team or a seasoned veteran, if you are looking for ways to propel your career forward and gain the recognition you deserve then let me help you!
I fall into the large corporation and newbie category. I was employed for just under a year when I made my first lateral advancement and let’s just say it got into my blood. Since then I have had three promotions, two of those being jobs created for me that didn’t previously exist, and increased my base salary by fifty percent. All in four years, and I’m not done yet! Four years may sound like a long time if you are looking for immediate success, but with the average salary increase being around three to five percent annually, I would say that a yearly increase nearly three times the average feels pretty immediate.
I have co-workers who work just as hard as me, if not harder, yet somehow I left them far behind. This left me wondering what I do different. What sets me apart from my hard-working, dedicated co-workers?
I landed on three things. Three small details that can make it or break it with an employer. They are not secrets and definitely are not hard; but if you are not consciously thinking about them then you probably are not doing them.
So, what are they?
Create your own value.
Exceed expectations.
Be confident, yet modest.
Earth shattering, right?
I’m not here to tell you what you need to do, I am here to help teach you how to reshape the way you work in order to project a more successful image.
Are you ready to take the first step to propel your career?

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