How to Be "Unforgettable": Tips for Teens - Personality Management

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How to Be "Unforgettable": Tips for Teens - Personality Management

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Table of Contents

Learn to Be Your Own Individual
The Problem of Being Self-Conscious
Now What Was That Word again?
Watch Those Mood Swings
Are you a Listener or a Talker?
Compulsive Talker
The Interrupter – This Happened to Me Too, Hey, just Listen, Listen, Listen
Actually, I Did Not Mean You/ Mean That, Why Are You Taking It That Way?
Oh My, I Am so Shy!
Are You Generous in Your Thinking?
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In my previous books, I have told my readers a number of tips and techniques on how popularity can be gained in a perfectly easy and above board manner. Anybody can be popular, with just a little bit of personality change. So what exactly is popularity, you may ask?

In broad terms, it is a state when you are going to be admired, supported, and liked by a large number of people, as opposed to notoriety. Notoriety is also popularity of some sort, but it is a negative type of popularity, especially when you are going to be admired, supported, and liked by the negative elements in society, as someone daring, nasty, feckless, reckless, and dangerous to have around.

This book is going to tell you all about tips and techniques on how you can be popular, and it does not depend on your age, gender, race, caste, creed, or political affiliation. It is just the innate tendency of human beings to be liked for their own selves, and popularity is the feeling when you know that a large number of people think you are a good sort of person to have around because they can depend on you, you are sincere, generous, supportive, and most of all, there is no hypocrisy about you in your dealings with the people around you.

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