Breakthrough Leadership: Conversations With Innovative Leaders

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Breakthrough Leadership: Conversations With Innovative Leaders

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Successful Leaders Depend on Breakthroughs to Stay Competitive

Breakthrough Leadership explores the relationship between breakthroughs and leadership, providing key insights into the intricate connection between the two.

Successful organizations depend on great leadership. Your leadership success increasingly depends on your ability to adapt to changing times, your ability to evolve to embrace new dynamics, as well as your own ongoing personal transformation as a leader.

"Think of the transformation as a process of buildup followed by breakthrough" - Jim C. Collins, author "Good to Great"

Using an interview format, Breakthrough Leadership is a conversation with 6 successful business leaders from completely different industries. Each author highlights the common qualities in both breakthroughs and leadership, as well as their own unique point of view and experiences.

Insights shared include:

- Great leaders know they need to transform themselves first before they can lead others.
- Breakthroughs can happen when you are trying really hard to achieve them, and when you aren’t trying
at all.
- Breakthroughs can be tiny, micro events and they can be monumental ones that are hard won and life

The authors: Frederica A. Peterson, MA | Henry M. Lee, Esq. | Marian S. White | Steven Griswold, CHRS | Sue Anne Dunlevie | Wei Houng
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