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Oil-Less Cooking

Oil-Less Cooking

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Oil-Less Cooking

100 pages
1 heure
Jul 1, 2016


This exciting book of Aroona Reejhsinghani, shows you how to prepare cakes and cookies, biryanis and kebabs, curries and koftas without using even a drop of oil, ghee, vanaspati or butter. All the favourite Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes have been adopted to oil-less cooking. The recipes in this book have been tried and tasted in her own experimental kitchen.
Jul 1, 2016

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Oil-Less Cooking - Aroona


Indian & Continental Sweets & Desserts

Coffee-walnut souffle

1 cup strong blank coffee. 100 grams castor sugar. 100 grams chopped walnuts. 15 grams gelatin. ¼ litre milk. 3 eggs, separated.

Dissolve gelatin in V cup hot water. Beat the egg yolks and mix in the coffee and sugar, beat till well-blended. Whisk over hot water until the mixture is thick and creamy. Cool lightly and mix in the cream and %ths of the walnuts. Beat the whites till stiff and fold in. Put in the mixture in a shallow dish and chill. Decorate with remaining walnuts

Pineapple pudding

300 grams milk. 300 grams creams. 35 grams sugar. 2 egg yolks. 20 grams gelatin. 30 grams powdered sugar. 1 tin canned pineapple.

Cream together egg and sugar. Add the milk and cook over hot water till the mixture coats the back of a spoon. Dissolve gelatin in ¼ cup hot milk and mix into the cool­ed custard. Add cream mixed with powdered sugar. Line a ring mould with diced pineapple. Pour the pre­pared mixture into the mould. Chill and decorate with remaining pineapple slices.

Bread pudding

4 slices bread, trimmed and cubed. 1 cup sugar. ½/ cup chopped nuts of your choice. 1 cup sliced candied fruits of your choice. 2 cups milk. 2 cups cream. 4 eggs. 1 tsp. essence of your choice.

Mix the bread into boiling milk and set aside. Separate the eggs. Beat yolks with sugar till light and frothy. Mix in the remaining ingredients thoroughly with the exception of egg whites. Put in a non-stick baking tin or a lightly greased tin. Beat the egg whites till still and mix in and bake in a moderate oven for half an hour, or till the pudding turns firm and the top light golden in colour.

Liquor mousse

250 grams plain chocolate, melted over hot water. 100 grams sliced chocolate. 100 grams finely sliced mixed nuts of your choice. 6 tblsps. rum. 4 eggs.

Separate the eggs. Beat the yolks and mix into the melted chocolate. Add a pinch of salt to the whites and beat till very stiff.

Fold into the chocolate miture along with the remain­ing ingredients. Spoon into 4 dessert glasses and chill till quite firm.

Almond frosted chocolate pudding

1 ¼ cups milk. 5 tblsps. drinking chocolate powder.¼ cup sugar. 4 tsps. cornflour, 4 eggs, separated. 1 tsp essence of vanilla. A few shredded almonds.

Dissolve cornflour in ¼ cup milk. Put remaining milk, chocolate powder, half of sugar and cornflour mixture over a slow fire. Keep on stirring till the mix­ture coats the back of a spoon. Cool. Beat the yolks and mix in along with the essence. Put in a lightly greased baking dish, place the dish in a pan of water and bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes. Beat the egg whites along with the remaining sugar till stiff peaks form, pile over cooled pudding and return to the oven. Bake for 10 minutes longer. Decorate with almonds.

Tipsy pudding

1 cup refined flour or maida. 4 eggs. cup sugar. 3/4 cup rum. Beat the eggs in a bowl, gradually add the sugar beating until thick and light. Mix in the flour and blend thoroughly. Butter 6 cups lightly and dust with sugar, divide the batter equally amongst the cups and bake in a preheated moderate oven till light golden in colour. Pour 2 tblsps. rum in each cup and serve cold.

Dahi pak

1 litre milk. 1 kilo curds. 250 grams sugar. 100 grams mixed sliced nuts of your choice. 1 tsp. cardamom pow­der. A few strands saffron dissolved in 1 tsp. hot milk.

Pour the curds in a clean muslin cloth and tie loosely. Hang the bag for a couple of hours to enable all the liquid to drip through. Put milk on a slow fire and keep stirring till the milk turns thick. Blanch and slice all the nuts finely. Tie a strong cloth over a pan. Take a small quantity each of sugar, milk and curds and mix well over the cloth Put in a clean bowl. Continue doing this till all the mixture has been used up. Now mix in the rest of the above ingredients and put in a lightly greased thali. Steam till firm. Decorate with silver warq if you like. When cool cut into

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