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Stop Selling, Start Connecting
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Do you want to build rewarding long-term client relationships? Then stop selling the traditional way and start connecting to the right people.

This book introduces you to an alternative sales mindset that makes you effective at sales by being boldly authentic.

Why push hard for a sale when you can attract the right clients the same way you make friends?

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Stop Selling, Start Connecting - Chi Phan

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Table of Contents



Have you come to the right place?

My sales story

Chapter 1: Get Your Story Right

Move people emotionally

Let the benefits speak

Address your ideal clients

Chapter 2: Attract the Right Clients

Be selective about clients

Stop convincing and competing

Have an open intention

Respect your audience

Chapter 3: Authentically Engage

Listen for connection

Get in the right mode

Get rid of the block

Lean into the strength

Chapter 4: Close with Openness

Get comfortable with money talks

Make memory

Final Words

Appendix - Worksheet


This book is for entrepreneurs who want to establish rewarding long-term relationships with clients.

Have you come to the right place?

You decided to be self-employed because you believe in the value of your work, but somehow not enough people out there seem to get you. You read up on selling tips and enrol in courses that promise to make you a better salesperson, but you still get nervous in sales conversations.

What’s going on?

Most likely, the pressure of closing a sale gets to you.

Traditional sales training often makes us feel that if we are good enough at what we do and have mastered selling techniques, we should be able make sales comfortably. A rejection can feel like a crushing verdict on our abilities, and in many cases, also our self-worth.

Our fear of a no inhibits us from selling confidently even before we start engaging with people and, over time, saps our enthusiasm for selling. If we can let go of this fear, the sales process will become more enjoyable and we will do it more effectively as a result.

Most of the time, making a sale is about connecting with someone effectively. As famous researcher Brené Brown found from her extensive studies, humans are wired for connection. That means we are all naturals at selling. But that’s not to say we are all naturally inclined to sell in the traditional way. Just as everyone can make friends in his or her own way, you will be able to find the clients that want you for who you are. Instead of trying to become a better salesperson to sell to virtually anyone, you may find it much easier to attract