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Portal Police: A Minecraft®TM Adventure Series

Portal Police: A Minecraft®TM Adventure Series

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Portal Police: A Minecraft®TM Adventure Series

5/5 (3 évaluations)
71 pages
58 minutes
Aug 20, 2016


Life has been tough on the Portal police lately. Losing a whole squad of players and up against a mysterious player, Grober can’t understand why they can’t catch him. Little does he know that mixing with Gifu is something he’s going to regret for the rest of his life. Packed full of adventure and excitement this is another great book from Barry J McDonald. Click the button above and you too can discover why this book is bound to be a firm favorite with readers.

Aug 20, 2016

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Portal Police - Barry J McDonald

Portal Police - A Minecraft Adventure Series

By Barry J McDonald

Copyright © 2016 Barry J McDonald

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without the express written, dated and signed permission from the author. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES: The book is for entertainment purposes only and is a complete work of fiction. All player’s names have been chosen at random and in no way has any reflection on any players sharing those names. Any slights on people or organizations are unintentional. This book is in no way associated with Minecraft the game; it employees or any Minecraft companies. I just love the game as much as everyone else.

This book is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Mojang AB. The trademark Minecraft is owned by Mojang AB; and other company names and/or trademarks mentioned in this book are the property of their respective companies and are used for identification purposes only.


Chapter 1

Move! I said move it!

Grober lifted his head up from what he was eating and turned to the source of the commotion.

I said, move it!

Malcack, we’ll have no more trouble around here. Please. Hearing the word please, and seeing the size of the inn keeper, Grober could see he wasn’t going to have any success calming the situation.

Talpack, butt out. This is between me and the stranger here. Don’t worry I know he’ll do the right thing. If he knows what’s good for him.

Ignoring Malcack, Grober went back to his meal and carried on eating. It had been a long day and the last thing he was going to do was give up his meal for this small town bully.

Looks like this guy’s deaf, Malcack said, turning to his friends and enjoying their laughter. Maybe a good punch on the side of the head would fix that for him.

I wouldn’t do that.

Hey, you hear that guys? Malcack asked, turning back to his friends once more. He said he wouldn’t do that. Looks like we have a hero here?

Grober had seen enough bullies in his time to know that this guy was trying to make himself look big in front of the crowd, on his own he probably wouldn’t be so brave. But whether he was feeling in a charitable mood, or just overtired, Grober thought he’d give the guy a break. If he didn’t take it, well, it would be his own fault.

Listen Malcack, Grober said, beckoning Malcack to him with his index finger. Waiting until the player was close enough, Grober whispered. Look, you look like a bit of a dumb ass, and I’m just giving you a fair warning. You don’t want to go down this road. How about I finish my meal here? You wait until I’m gone. And then you and your stool can live happily ever after. I know you don’t want me to show you up in front of your friends. Hearing this Grober watched Malcack break into a grin. As he predicted, it looked like Malcack was going to pick the harder option.

No. How about you get off that stool--apologize to me, and I don’t see your face around here anymore. Malcack smirked.

Knowing he wasn’t going to get a chance to finish off his meal of potatoes and pork, Grober pushed his plate away and climbed off his stool. What more could he do? He’d given the player a chance and he hadn’t taken it. Whatever was about to happen next he’d asked for it. Well, where do you want to do this, in here, or outside where everyone can see me kick your butt? Grober asked, looking past Malcack to the group of players that were cheering him on. It’s your choice.

Hey this isn’t my place, let’s do it here.

Please, please, we only rebuilt this place last week! the inn keeper begged. Any other time Grober would have taken the fight outside, but if this was the clients this inn keeper was serving, he’d better get used to the place getting trashed now and then.


Sizing up his opponent, Grober could see that Malcack was using his larger bulk as a frightening tactic. Moving his arms out from his body he was trying to make himself look as large as possible. Grober smirked to himself. While this might have worked in previous fights and caused less experienced players to run for the hill, it wasn’t going to work today. Plus, it left Malcack wide open to

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