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The Way Home: Finding Home, #3

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The Way Home: Finding Home, #3

Longueur: 302 pages7 heures


Emmaline Sanders is head over heels in love. She didn't expect to meet the man of her dreams while visiting her brother, but she won't dismiss the chance at her own happily ever after. There's just one problem - the thousand miles separating them. Phone calls and letters are enough for now, but eventually something will have to change. She wants to wake up to his face every morning.


Peter Johnston knows his love for Emmy is worth every plane trip and stolen weekend, no matter how hard it is. She is everything he's everything hoped for, even if they are in different time zones, for now. The one thing Pete is certain of is that he needs her in his arms when he goes to sleep. 


They can't live like this forever. After years of building their professional lives, someone will have to leave everything behind to start their new life together. The only question is ... who?

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