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The Heart of a Second Chance

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The Heart of a Second Chance

Longueur: 112 pages1 heure


An infinite number of variables combine to transplant a human heart. First, a person is killed in a very specific way. Second, the heart is kept alive while the soul expires, and it’s placed in another person’s chest, where it beats to keep its new protector alive. There are over two thousand heart transplants done each year in the United States.

The Heart of a Second Chance documents the remarkable chain of events that occur to transplant a heart. Dr. Evan Rosenthal, a prominent Manhattan surgeon, is tasked with finding a new heart for Tanya Russell, a poor Bronx teenager dying from heart failure. A tragic car accident in South Florida sets the dramatic story in motion, which follows each individual as they play an essential role in this miraculous feat of modern medicine.

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