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How to Plant Tomatoes in a Container Garden

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How to Plant Tomatoes in a Container Garden

Longueur: 56 pages43 minutes


To give your tomatoes the best thriving conditions, plant them just before summer. As you anticipate warm days, nights and warm soils, these conditions stimulate their growth. The same is true for tomatoes planted in the garden and those planted in pots.If you are as obsessive about tomatoes as I am, allow them the largest space in your summer garden. Additionally, ensure they sit in the fluffiest soil and where there is more sunlight. Just like me, you may run out of god spots in the garden to keep more tomatoes. Do not be like me. Do not be too obsessive about allocating the ideal space to tomatoes that you forget the other plants that need to go in the same area. When this happens, you will be left with more than half a dozen tomato plants which need to be allotted space every summer.

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