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Imagine if you could develop productivity habits that would allow you to start your own business even if you have a full time-job.

What if you don’t have to choose between the financial security your job provides and starting a business you actually love?

The truth is, you can start a business you’re passionate about while working a 9-5. In order for that to happen here’s what you have to do:

1.Shift your mindset about time. Your beliefs could be wrong.

2.Notice destructive thought patterns that occur before you indulge in time-wasting activities.

3.Get rid of terrible habits that are robbing you of productivity and replace them with better habits that will increase your output.

This book expands on these 3 concepts and a lot more. Buy your copy today if you would like to double your productivity and eliminate harmful behavior that is holding you back from your true potential.

What else is inside?

Discover how to:

“Edit” your life to focus ONLY on what’s important. Strengthen your decision muscle. Delete procrastinating habits from your life and replace them with productive habits.

Plus you’ll learn:

What time really is so you can use it to your advantage. A magical formula to calculate the exact monetary value of your time. A powerful way to keep you accountable. The 2 types of energies, why you need both, and how to increase them. Lies we tell ourselves about time and how to bypass them. The deceiving enemy of productivity and how to combat it. And so much more!!

Don’t waste another second, buy this book now to learn the powerful productivity strategies you need to start the life and business of your dreams.

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ISBN: 9781540109019
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    Start a Business Without Burning The Bridge

    Part 1: The Shift

    Chapter 1: Time Is Emotion

    Chapter 2:How Much Money Is Your Time Worth?

    Chapter 3: What’s Important To You?

    Chapter 4: Edit Your Life

    Chapter 5: Your Decision Muscle

    Part 2: Habits

    Chapter 1: Optimize Your Body

    Chapter 2: Procrastination Elimination

    Chapter 3: How To Be More Productive

    Chapter 4: Set Yourself Up For Success

    Enjoy The Journey

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    Start a Business Without Burning The Bridge

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    We admire and boast about successful artists, singers, writers, athletes and dancers but few people realize that we too can (and should) harness our unique talents and make them into a financial opportunity. We all have our own talents and possess creativity to share with the world.

    We rob ourselves of the opportunity to develop and hone in on our strengths when we work our lives away in a job we don’t like.

    Why don’t people build a passion-based business that they find enjoyable instead of working for someone else? The common reasoning sounds something like this: 

    I don’t have time. I have a job and a family to care for. I can’t start a business! How am I supposed to spin all those plates without dropping any and shattering them to pieces?

    They are right. Not everyone has the luxury