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Your Incredible Advantage Growth Plan 2017
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YOU can be among the TOP 1% of the world’s most effective people in 2017 – Just by Doing 
2 Simple Things...

What can YOU accomplish in 2017? It all depends on SETTING and PURSUING goals. 80% of people NEVER set goals. 16% set goals but NEVER write them down. Only 3% of people write down their goals. But only 1% of all people in the world both write down their goals and regularly review them. And those are the most productive people in the world. 

In 2017, YOU can be in that 1% of the highest achievers, worldwide! All you need to do is use Your Incredible Advantage Growth Plan 2017 every day. 

It’s that simple.

STEP 1: Get the planner

STEP 2: Use the planner


To keep it light and portable, we’ve divided your planner into 4 quarterly volumes. This first quarter volume includes the information and inspiration you need to plan for the entire year and STICK WITH IT, day - by - day for the entire first quarter.

In March, order your second quarter edition and keep going strong.

This planner will provide all the tools you’ll need to be certain that you will make 2017 your best year ever. Beyond these tools, you’ll need two more things to ensure you will succeed:

1, You’ll need to want to achieve. If you’re not really interested in creating or reaching for goals, this planner won't do you any good. Buying it won't make 2017 great. To do that, you'll have to use it every day.

2, You’ll need support. And to get support you’ll have to be willing to seek and accept it. We’re here for you. Lots of us. Your friends and family will help you. Your local community will help you. And the team at Incredible Advantage will help you. 

When you buy this planner, you start a relationship with us. So be open to relationships. Because pretty much every fantastic thing in life comes to you through relationships. 

Buying this planner isn't just a transaction for you, because making it wasn't just product creation for us. We want to help you grow, set goals, and achieve them. And we're going to provide you with lots support and encouragement along the way if you'll let us. 

With the purchase of Your Incredible Advantage Growth Plan 2017, you'll also get downloadable audio and video files, digital copies of everything, and genuine, ongoing relational support for the whole year from Incredible Advantage. 

Of course, you'll have to connect with Incredible Advantage to get that support, so if you prefer to go it alone we won't bother you. But if you want 2017 to be the year that EVERYTHING begins to happen for you, purchasing this planner is the first step on your epic journey. And we're here for you every step of the way.

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    "The future depends on

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    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Oh the joy of the beginning of a new year. It’s like the thrill of a brand new box of crayons. All those vivid colors, standing at attention. Every bright cone-shaped tip with the same exact little flat spot at the end. Each little cylinder of paper-wrapped wax itching to make a masterpiece. Yet pristine and unblemished they stand together for the very last time before they serve their purpose. Creative minds will cover refrigerators with their sacrificial expressions. Every colorful line ripped from their little paraffin souls until all the paper wrapping is gone, and they huddle together at the bottom of a bucket or toybox, their time at an end. Will