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The Sad Little Star

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The Sad Little Star

Longueur: 28 pages



This is the story of a small star that feels sad because it doesn’t stand out among all the other stars that light up the night sky. 

‘Why can’t I be as important as the Pole Star?’, the Little Star wonders as she shines less and less brightly with each passing night.

Seeing the Little Star so sad, the Moon tries to cheer her up. Yet, it is not her who finally gets the Little Star to start feeling better.  

How will the Little Star ever manage to shine so brightly again? Who will finally take notice of her?

This tender and original story, which will move both parents and children, is Alessandra Cesana’s debut as a children’s author. This little tale shows us the importance of feeling good about oneself for our emotional wellbeing. The Little Star cannot aspire to become one of the larger, more remarkable stars in the sky and so she must simply accept herself as she is. While progress and growth are important, accepting ourselves as we are is important for our emotional wellbeing too. We have to accept both the good things about ourselves and the flaws as well, especially if we are lucky enough to have someone who loves us the way we are.

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