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Destruction By Deceit (A Chronicle of President Obama's 2nd Term)

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Destruction By Deceit (A Chronicle of President Obama's 2nd Term)

Longueur: 646 pages10 heures


My first book, “Destruction by Deceit,” is a chronicle of President Obama’s 2nd term. The book takes a comprehensive look at the significant events that occurred during the President’s 2nd term in addition to highlights of 1st term events which served to set the stage for the President’s 2nd term. I felt this critical timeframe in our history must be thoroughly documented with a focus on the truth. Our dishonest main stream media has practiced subtle deception to such a great extent that I was compelled to set the record straight. I poured my heart and soul into every aspect of writing this book around the clock for 4 years. It was a labor of love as I love the truth and I love writing. This book will provide a complete understanding of the political events that shaped our history during this timeframe.

I relied on Fox News as the exclusive source to provide the facts and quotes included in the book. More specifically, within Fox News I looked only to the straight reporting of Catherine Herridge (Chief Intelligence Correspondent), Jennifer Griffin (National Security Correspondent), James Rosen (Washington DC Correspondent), Ed Henry (Chief National Correspondent), John Roberts (Senior National Correspondent) and Bret Baier (Chief Political Anchor and host of “Special Report”) in addition to President Obama, his Cabinet heads, White House staff and members of Congress during their individual appearances on Fox News. Fox News is known for their precise vetting and they’re the only televised news media outlet that I fully trust. This exclusive source provided consistency and accuracy in my writing. All commentary in the book is exclusively my own. I did not rely on any of the opinion pundits or opinion programming on Fox News.

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