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Put the Gun Down

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Put the Gun Down

Longueur: 166 pages2 heures


Tag Taggert was fast and deadly with a gun, but now he was on the run, and for the first time he was thinking about his actions. Tag and his friend Hank lived through the war, but they were young and like most of the young men in the war, the killing didn’t seem to bother them. When the war ended fighting for the South left them footloose with no prospects of work, and like many others in the same position they turned to another means of survival, for them it was joining Archie Clements and his splinter group of Quantrill’s Raiders.
They were not strangers to killing so they fit in quite well and it provided them with a place to feel wanted and food for their survival. Killing was something they had done and seen but murder was something they could not live with and Archie was a master at murder.
Back in Texas they were just the kind of men the Texas Rangers wanted, men who could ride hard, shoot straight and had no qualms about killing. Their main job was to keep the Comanche from raiding and killing settlers, but in a land that was being ruled by carpetbaggers from the North there were many young men who turned to a life of crime just to exist.
Having faced the same situation he was not always happy about having to bring these young me in for justice, but it was his job, a job that was quickly earning him a reputation of being fast with a gun.

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