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The Bree MacGowan Mysteries
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She's on a killer vacation

Finding one dead body is unlucky.
Finding two means you’re Bella Bree MacGowan.
Most people can relax by an idyllic riverside without fishing a dead body out of the water; Bree MacGowan is not most people. And as luck would have it, it's not just any old corpse she's tripped over this time. It's the late wife of Senator R. Carl Wallace, a paragon of upstanding American citizenship to anyone who looks... unless they look too closely. Which is, of course, exactly what Bree does, and what she finds is definitely more trouble than she bargained for.
Where power and murder collide, danger follows, and Bree soon finds herself the target of break-ins, vandalism and kidnapping, all at the hands of the dubious Senator who insists that she identify two criminals she’s never seen before as the people who killed his wife. Now Bree has to save herself and the ones she loves from a conspiracy where the bad guys look good, the good guys look bad, and nothing is as it seems...

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The Bree MacGowan Mysteries - Kate George

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