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Shakespeare for Slackers
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You know, back in the day, Shakespeare wasn't considered elite. Oh sure, his plays were performed for royalty, but they were actually written for tradesmen, shopkeepers, average Joes, anybody who could pay a penny for a ticket. Mostly he wrote plays for the common man, using the language of the times.
Times have changed.

In Shakespeare for Slackers, not only do you get the original play written by William Shakespeare, but you also get what a few of us think he probably would have written if he were still around today. (And if he sat around watching a lot of television.)

It's Shakespeare translated, retold, vandalized, brutalized, and outright demolished to suit the language of the times.

Why? Because we can.

The eBook version includes the threaded Slackers/Original, pure Slackers, and the glory of the original.

The perfect companion for John Poulsen's: Shakespeare for Readers' Theatre.

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Shakespeare for Slackers - Aaron Kite

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