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Road Riders Survival Guide A Motorcyclist Handbook

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Road Riders Survival Guide A Motorcyclist Handbook

Longueur: 74 pages45 minutes


Motorcyles have long been associated with romantic adventure, freedom, rebelion, and danger. To a certain extent that remains true today, and many still associate motorcycles with images of roving gangs of violent criminals harrasing the “honest, decent local citizens”. But that does great injustice to the tens of thousands of riders that travel the highways and byways and back roads. But sadly, too many of the everyday average riders out for a scenic tour end up another statistic of motorcycle accidents and deaths. Many of those victims lacked the necessary skills, training, and experience to survive the challenges of motorcycling on today’s highways. The Road Riders Survival Guide offers half a century of experience with an emphasis on safety and preparation. It provides a review, and perhaps a new perspective, for the experienced rider and valuable information and insight for newer rider. Everyone that rides a motorcycle on public highways should read this book.

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