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Longueur: 46 pages25 minutes


Molly Thompson has never had an easy life. Trapped in drug addiction and forced to sell her body from an early age, everything changed on the night her friend Two shot the man who'd held them both as property, freed Molly, and sent her to live with the couple who would eventually nurse her through her withdrawal and adopt her. Things were just starting to seem normal when the vampires showed up and abducted her parents, leaving her in the care of another blood-drinker, this one somewhat more friendly than the others. Eventually reunited with her parents, Molly settled into her life, attending a school run by and aimed at former addicts and working toward graduation and acceptance at NYU.

If only Tom hadn't come along. Hulking, abusive, and unwilling to acknowledge his problems with alcohol, Tom has his eye on Molly's best friend, Cait. She's not interested, but Tom's not the kind of guy to take "no" for an answer. When things escalate, and Tom breaks an oath, there's only one thing Molly can do ... call in the Erinyes to exact payment in blood.

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