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The Brilliance Quotient

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The Brilliance Quotient

Longueur: 180 pages2 heures


Leaders in organisations everywhere are experiencing a continuous evolution of norms and dispositions. Disruption in the socio economic environment, business models, technology, even in our personal lifestyles are resulting in complex challenges and added work life pressures. Equally, this is an exciting time for senior Leaders, high performing Key Talent and new age Entrepreneurs who dare to dream and stretch themselves beyond their current abilities. It is a time for them to break through boundaries and re-write rules that will redefine their future and that of their teams, businesses and organisation. But how does one do that?

By internalising the knowledge and practising the techniques within the executive coaching handbook, The Brilliance Quotient, you can constantly attract personal and professional success more easily. Discover:
- The science behind default thinking patterns
- How to achieve breakthrough results
- Powerful ways to influence people
- How to develop and trust your intuition
- The secrets of consistent out-performance
- Reframes to key levers in the business landscape
- The key levers coming together to form the brilliance quotient.

Coming in Q4 2017: the expanded paperback version, but why wait when you can begin your journey now? Each sales supports the efforts of St Jane's charity at Johannesberg taking care of HIV positive and abandoned children. Read more on my website

“[The Brilliance Quotient is] a new age approach to master the science and art of leadership in the disruptive era” - Andreea Mihalcea, author of Speed Selling
“Leaders need to get their hands on this book in order to create momentum, increase performance and produce better quality results. Applying the principles of this book will not only help your company reach its goals, but will also provide a blueprint for constant success!” - Vladimir Francois, author of Broken Knowledge
"The Brilliance Quotient is simply a must read for high potential, key talent and top performers! It provides insights that will help unleash a source of unlimited personal energy and focus to achieve and surpass any aspiration, any ambition, any goal. Leaders beware of the hidden power this book contains as it will skyrocket your team to the top! The question is: Can you handle it?" - Kathy Tuccaro, author of DREAM BIG

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