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Josephine Earp

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Josephine Earp

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Josephine Earp
The Legendary Life of the Wife of Wyatt Earp

By World Watch Media

Josephine Sarah Marcus was born in 1860 in New York City, the second of 3 kids of immigrants birthed by parents Carl-Hyman Marcuse (Henry Marcus) and Sophie Lewis. Her household was Jewish, and originated from the Posen area in Prussia, current-day Poland, around 1850. Her mom Sophie was a widow with a 3-year-old child, Rebecca, when she wed Marcuse, who was 8 years below her. Sophie and Carl had 3 kids together: Nathan (born August 12, 1857), Josephine, and Henrietta (born July 10, 1864). Josephine's dad Henry had a hard time trying to make a living in New York City before deciding to check out the growing city of San Francisco. Henry moved the household to San Francisco in 1868 when Josephine was 7. They took a trip by ship through Panama, reviewed the Isthmus of Panama, and captured a steamship to San Francisco. They got here while the city was recuperating from the devastating earthquake of October 21, 1868. Upon their arrival, her dad discovered an extremely stratified Jewish neighborhood. On the inner city were the German Jews, and on the outside were the Polish Jews. The German Jews were normally wealthier, much better informed, and spoke German while the Polish Jews, who spoke Yiddish, were normally peddlers and far more spiritual. Henry discovered work as a baker.

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